ppc campaign

Many businesses engaging in PPC marketing focus on getting as many visitors as possible to their websites without paying attention to the profile of these visitors. This approach might work well for a big company with a big budget but for smaller businesses, a targeted approach is cost-effective and produces the desired results. The following tips can help you get the best out of your PPC campaign.

Compare bid prices

The big search engines like Google will bring you lots of traffic but at a higher cost. The general price per bid is usually higher than any other network. Depending on the size of your business and PPC budget, you should always take time to compare bid prices to ensure you get a good deal. Bid prices also change according to time of day or day of the week. Your goal should be to spend money on PPC and make it bring you more money in return.

Make a good ad

Your PPC adverts should help you attract the right visitors that are likely to become paying customers. This is why you need to understand which customers you are targeting with your product or service. Once you understand what they are looking for, your PPC advert should be designed to offer them exactly that.

The title and description of your PPC ad should contain the most relevant keywords frequently used by searchers who are in need of your type of product or service. This means you need to do continuous research on keywords related to your industry and business niche. You should also identify the keywords that bring in the most traffic and conversions so that you focus on them.

Improve your content

The landing page plays the crucial role of converting visitors into paying customers. Once searchers click on your PPC ad, it means they think you have what they are looking for and the landing page should confirm for them just that. A typical landing page should have a strong marketing copy and ‘call to action’ statements. It should also have reviews, testimonials and possible recommendations. All these should be done in a clear and concise manner that visitors find easy to read.

The reviews on your landing page help visitors make a quick decision on your product or service. They should be honest and unbiased. Do not use false reviews to market your product or service since you will get exposed soon and your business will suffer in the end. As long as your product or service provides the benefits you advertise, customers are always going to give you good testimonials.

The benefits of your product or service should be listed clearly on the landing page. These will ultimately have a strong influence on the visitor’s decision to proceed to the next step. Once the visitor is convinced and wants to make a purchase, they should find easy navigation to your merchant site. Any difficulties will the payment process might make potential customers change their mind.

Optimize your landing page

Once the landing page has the required copy, message and aesthetics, it needs to be optimized for search engines. The on-page SEO factors used on your website homepage are just as important to your landing page. Having alternate landing pages enables separation from the usual code-heavy page designs or a site template. The separate landing page makes code validation easier therefore your landing page or copy will load faster.