free business websiteCall to action buttons are a vital part of your page.

These buttons ask your potential customers to do something that you want them to do; for example, you may want them to sign up for a newsletter or buy a product from you. If you do not have one of these buttons, visitors to your site will not adequately be directed toward performing certain desirable actions.

Therefore, it is important to spend some time designing these buttons and figuring out where you want to put them on your page. The following information will help assist you in this process.

Create a button that people will notice immediately. Do not be afraid to go big where this graphic is concerned. In addition, select a color that will stand out from the background color of your site. Remember that particular colors evoke certain feelings, so try to stay away from something like red, which people often associate with anger.

Placement on your webpage is crucial. Choose a location where the button will have some white space around it; that will make the colors you choose for the button pop out. When thinking about where to put it, see if there is a spot near the middle that is available. Otherwise, go to the left side of the page and put it there.

Think carefully about the text that you put onto your button. Do not make the language anything that is too complicated or difficult to understand. Encourage visitors to your site to “buy” something or “download” an attachment. Try to direct people into performing a certain action, but make sure it is very clear what you want them to do. Also, convey a sense of urgency; you want them to take that action now, not at some point in the future. The quicker a decision is made, the more likely they will be to actually follow through.

While you want the text on the button to be simple and easy to understand, consider adding a little more information just below the button that lets the visitor know what is going to happen when they click on it. The more knowledgeable they feel about the process, the more comfortable they will be with taking the action. However, make the text smaller than and not as bright as the button itself; it should not take anything away from the button.

Do not forget that your call to action button can have a picture on it if you would like. Images are very effective in drawing people in and making them look at something of importance. Text-only buttons can be easily ignored, but a button with a picture attached to it will attract more attention.

Call to action buttons are a small part of the web page as a whole, but they are truly vital to your overall objective. Put the time and thought that is necessary into creating one of your own; you will not be disappointed with the results!