One of the numbers that does matter in the world of digital marking is web analytics.  There are lots of tools out there these days like  Histats, GoStats and of course Google Analytics. But few people know about GoSquared.

GoSquared provides real-time website analytics that lets you to see who’s on your website right now. It has two products: LiveStats and Trends. LiveStats gives a real-time dashboard of a site’s traffic information, while Trends stores all of this useful information and builds simple, easy to understand graphs and tables. –

A few weeks ago Brad Huss suggest that I take a look at GoSquared and since I love looking at new apps and tools I set up an account and promptly loaded it to Develop Socially.  Thanks to the WordPress plugin it was up and running in a matter of minutes. It was too easy! I sent a few tweets out about Develop Socially and waited for people to start landing on the site.

When after I spent a hour or so on GoSquared, I had a few questions for the guys, so I sent them a tweet. What happened next set them apart from their peers instantly. They responded. Why I was shocked I have no idea but I was.  @JamesJGill thanked me for the words about their product then offered to help with anything else I needed. These guys get it!

A few things that I love about GoSquared are:

  • The Dashbored. It is clean and easy to use. You don’t need a Google Masters Degree to get the info you want.
  • The real time info that you get about people on your site (OS, resolution of all device screens, location)
  • How the guys are GoSquared are there willing to talk and to be “social”.
  • Its free.

So I know you’re asking, why not just use Google. As you will see in the Q&A below, GoSquared is best for real time info about your site. Google is better for historical info!

The following are a few questions that @JamesJGill CEO at @GoSquared was willing answer about his company and were they are going!

Justin: Why did you start @GoSquared ?

James: We started GoSquared as a very different business to the real-time web analytics company it is now. GoSquared actually started out while we were in secondary (high) school as an advertising platform that enabled people to get seen on the web with maximum ease, attraction, and low cost. From the work we did with advertising, we managed to build up a large network of websites that later formed the community who would first use GoSquared’s real-time analytics platform.

Justin: In a world driven by Google what made you think of doing @GoSquared ?

James: We turned GoSquared into the company it is today because we wanted a way to see the *people* on our site, not just graphs and charts about pageviews. I think what people find most amazing when they use GoSquared is that they can see what real people are doing on their website – it’s not just numbers updating faster, you can suddenly gain this personal connection with the people who are on your site right now.

Justin: What makes you better than your competitors?

James: Google Analytics and other tools can be great for historic reporting – they help you to see that you received a lot traffic last week, and to dive in and find out why that happened. GoSquared doesn’t try to replicate Google Analytics or these other historical reporting tools. Instead, GoSquared enables you to see what’s happening *right now*, and to act on it. For instance, you can be instantly notified via email if you’re receiving a traffic spike, visit your GoSquared dashboard, see that Michael Arrington / Justin Bieber / Oprah just tweeted about you, and be on top of the conversation when it matters most.

Justin: What is something you wish more people knew about @GoSquared ?

James: We may have thousands of sites using us, but there’s many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) more out there that would benefit hugely from using GoSquared. The biggest task for us is showing people that GoSquared is not “Google Analytics but faster”, it’s a completely different way of understanding what’s happening on your site.

Justin: What is the next big thing you will be doing with @GoSquared ?

James: We’ve got some very exciting updates coming in the next month, and many more over the course of this year. If you’d like to stay updated, you should definitely follow the GoSquared team on Twitter (@GoSquared)!

Develop Socially, fully recommends that you try this product yourself! You will be glad that you did.