top chartsGoogle Trends has become all the rage in the quest for the right keyword. As Google’s External Keyword Tool is on the brink of extinction, many savvy web experts are looking more to Google Trends to allow users a detailed glimpse into the searches associated with a particular keyword. Additionally, Google Trends plots searches on a world map to allow for some insight into which countries are searching for certain keywords more than others, which increases its appeal for those in the global market.

But, Google isn’t stopping there. Seemingly created to aide in content generation, Google Trends’ newest feature, Top Charts, allows users a glimpse into top results from around the web and the world. Top Charts captures over 40 basic searches such as “Business People” and “Financial Institutions” and compiles the top twenty results based on search habits gathered web-wide. But, how can Top Charts help businesses? Let’s take a look.

Top Charts Gives You Something to Talk About

In just about two clicks, Google Trends’ Top Charts provides near-immediate insight into industry-related searches that are topping the charts. Updated monthly, Top Charts gathers web search habits from around the internet and places the results in common categories that pertain to us all (even as far back as 2004). This provides businesses with content ideas, quick information on competitors, and tailored ad campaigns.

  • Content Ideas: Top Charts can help generate ideas. A look at Top Charts’ “Cities” category indicates that web surfers are looking up New York, Chicago, and Houston more than any other US city. Clicking on the “More” option takes users to a list of the top 20 cities in the United States, whether they moved up or down on the list, and their peak ranking. It’s a safe bet that blogging about one of these three cities will attract more consumer attention than, say, blogging about Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Competitor Information: Whether your company is large or small, keeping an eye on the competition is always a good idea. When evaluating the competition, it’s really about what the customer thinks more than anything else. Top Charts is a great place to find out what consumers are looking for and identify trends in search habits.
  • Better Ad Campaigns: By knowing what searchers are looking for, businesses can better identify ads and PPC campaigns that will bring in steady revenue. Google Trends’ Top Charts feature allows a preview of what matters most to consumers.

Google Isn’t Perfect… Yet

There are some downfalls with this new feature. First, it is only available in the United States. In addition, the results shown are representative of all searches. Those wishing to reach a specific audience may not find Google Trends’ Top Charts helpful. Lastly, there are only a little over 40 categories. Google has much work to do in making this feature more customizable and relevant to niche populations. But, in the meantime, Google Trends’ Top Charts can provide some valuable insights and take some of the pressure off of content creation.

Do you think Google Trends’ Top Charts can help spruce up your content creation? Can Top Charts help tailor your ad campaign?