Google Introduces Adwords Express Mobile App For Easy Management Of Your Local Advertising Campaign and Budgets.

There is never a dull day when it comes to Internet technologies as things change. Sometimes these changes are great and other times it makes you want to pull your hair out. As I tell my clients…

  • Expect Change
  • Accept Change
  • Adapt To The Change
  • Adopt The Change

All of this is code for some of your money you spent just went up in smoke. Since the industry will continue to keep going with our without you pulling your hair out, I suggest you get over it, press forward, and let’s hope you can do this quickly. By the time the change has proven itself the industry has moved onto something else and you’ll be left behind.

It’s about adopting the new technologies early, take advantage of the marketing tool and be competitive. So, let’s not waste any time and get this new Adwords Express app from Google to manage our campaigns and budgets with ease!

Adwords Express Edit Ad App

Local Advertising With Adwords Express

We have discussed Adwords Express as a local advertising tool in two previous articles. I encourage you to take a closer look at this advertising tool in “Using AdWords Express to Reach Local Consumers” and “Use Hyperlocal Advertising to Reach Nearby Consumers“.

As a small business you understand the value of advertising and you probably have seen how Google Adwords is overwhelming with more options and features you need to learn. Google introduced AdWords Express to help small businesses start advertising online easily, without the need for daily management. Google takes care of the details and you have more of a hands-off approach.

This will help you get in front of local consumers searching for products and services in your area. AdWords Express ads show up in the search results on desktop and mobile. The ads appear based on the searcher’s location and their search terms. You can reach your immediate community and other communities beyond the city you have store.

Requirement For Using Google Adwords Express

Using Adwords Express is very easy and you can setup ads in minutes and you don’t even need a website. The only requirement is that you pin-code verify your local business listing with Google + Local.

  1. Log into your Google account or create one
  2. Find your business in Google Maps
  3. Click on your business listing in Google Maps
  4. Scroll down to “Is This Your Business?” and click the “Manage This Page” button
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

You only need to do this once and you’ll be ready to use Google Adwords Express and the Adwords Express App.

Read more from this article at Web Marketing Today, “Google’s AdWords Express Helps Manage Local Campaigns“.

Create, Manage And Get Advertising Results On Mobile Phone

The Google Adwords Express App was designed to simplify paid search advertising management for small businesses. The additional benefit Google has included is to give those advertisers better geographic targeting to let them choose where their ads will appear. Advertisers have more control to target by location, that includes cities, states, zip codes, or parts of the country.

Best of all the app is free. To makes sure all advertisers have access to use this tool, Google made sure the app is available for both Android and iOS users in the U.S. The app has many features similar to what is available in the web version AdWords Express, which received a makeover back in May 2014. Advertisers can create new ads, edit existing ads, select the audience, set the geographic targeting and set a budget.

Create Your Ad

The first thing you will see when you start the Adwords Express App is an option to create your ad after you logged into your account and selected your location.

Adwords Express Create Mobile Ad

You will then be able to set your geographic targeting either by radius, cities, states, zip codes, etc. AdWords Express has added more control to define your target audience. Advertisers can choose exactly where to promote their allowing customers who search from their phone to get driving directions, call your business, or visit your website in one tap.

Adwords Express Create Mobile Ad Step 1

This is followed by entering your ad information in Step 2 of the Adwords Express app.


You can then set your budget and review your ad in 4 easy steps.

Adwords Express Set Mobile Budget

Manage Your Ads and Review Results

You can easily manage your Adwords Express advertising on the go. Google provides you the ability to view the performance by clicking on “Views”.

Adwords Express Management App

Get Started With Google Adwords Express

Based on your selection of your business category, AdWords Express makes sure that customers searching for related topics see your ad in near to you. Google has also improved the targeting of your ad, products and services that are mentioned on your website to be easily added by AdWords Express as keywords if they are related to your ad.

A needed features was to lower the costs for Adwords Express advertisers by including the management of negative keywords. You can learn more how to lower your advertising costs by reading, “Use Negative Keywords to Optimize PPC Campaigns“. Negative keywords has been added to exclude unwanted searches, which improves the click-through rates of ads and means a lower cost for advertisers.

Google AdWords Express is a easy way for small business advertisers to get involved with the world of web advertising. Not only has Google made this easy platform available, but the addition of the mobile app allows advertisers to stay in touch on the campaign performance anywhere.

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