Good Use Of Images Can Enhance Your Website

Good Use Of Images Can Enhance Your WebsiteA website can have many types of content in it. Text usually makes up the largest part of it. Text is what search engine crawlers index in order to rank your website. You can also add images to your website to help enhance it. However, improper use can make your website ugly. Learn how to use images effectively by following the tips in this article.

Your images have original dimensions and resolution. You need to make sure that the resolution is appropriate for screen display at the right size for your web page. If the resolution is too low, you need to get a new image with a higher resolution. It is better to optimize and adjust your images using an image editor before you post it on your website. Although your image tag has attributes for dimensions, it is not good web design practice to use that to re-size your images for your website.

Do not overuse images in your website when text is more appropriate. Even though an image can convey many ideas all at once, keep in mind that visually impaired visitors cannot access all of those ideas unless you provide text-equivalent of the images. Text is better for search engine optimization because the index robots can index each word and include it in its algorithm. In addition, overuse of images on a web page can make the page look cluttered. Aim for a clean look. Use images sparingly and meaningfully.

The images that you use should not infringe on anyone’s copyright. If you found it on the web, and it is not specifically in the public domain or royalty-free, do not use it unless you have permission from the image’s creator. Infringing on copyright can lead to legal problems that will give you plenty of headaches. Better yet, try to create your own. Take your own photographs or create your own graphics in your graphics editor.

As mentioned earlier, visually-impaired visitors cannot see your images. They rely on a screen reader to read the text to them. To give these visitors access to your images, you should include a description and other helpful information about the image in the alt attribute of the image tag. This has many benefits. The screen reader will read this text so your visually-impaired visitors will benefit from the image. In addition, search engine crawlers will index the content in the alt attribute and include it in its ranking algorithm.

You should design a logo for your business if you do not already have one. Your logo should have a simple design that represents the idea behind your company. If you need some guidance in good design, check out books on the subject, or take a graphics design class. A logo should not be complex. The best logos in major corporations are usually the simplest. Look at the logos of famous companies and see how they are structured.

These tips will help you use images properly in your website. Be mindful of their use, and your website will look attractive and balanced.