Drive More Conversions With Website Retargeting

Website-retargetingIs your business reaching it’s full earnings potential from your website?

According to Forester Research online browsing and purchases will be at 270 million consumers. Much of this will be done on mobile devices.

For quite some time now, retargeting has been pretty powerful method of bringing back potential customers that abandoned cart for whatever reason. Not sure what retargeting is? I wrote an article about this a while back: Those Banner ads are not hackers, just remarketing.

Once a visitor lands at your website and searches for products and services you will want to keep them moving all the way through to the final sales process.

According to Marketo, 96% of your visitors are not ready to make a purchase with only two percent converting into sales.

The truth is that remarketing campaigns can be quite complex. With the right knowledge you can place your brand front and center on the minds of your prospects.

There are several different ways retargeting can work for your business according to your target market. The main purpose is to bring back visitors to your sales page (whether that is on Facebook, Amazon or your own site)…so in case they missed out on a purchase, you can try and resell them again.

Here’s a good illustration from ReTargeter:


But this is where most people get it wrong – they don’t try and understand WHY someone abandoned cart in the first place. Whatever the reason maybe, I will give you 5 ways to retarget to get your prospects back and turn them into clients:

#1 Remind Them

Most of the time people just forget what they were doing on a particular page. It happens – and I am sure its happened to you where you get up and walk up to the kitchen, but as soon as you get there, you forget why you went there! So just retarget them and remind them WHAT they missed. Simple!

#2 Position It Differently

Is your product too one-dimensional? Perhaps what you had on the sales page didn’t appeal to a certain segment. Well, no worries – retarget them to a different page and appeal from a different angle – you still might be able to convert 40% + of the people. Case in point – what if your product targeted females and a male visitor visited your page – retarget them and send to a male-targeted page!

#3 Offer a Lower Price

In MANY cases, people don’t purchase something as it costs too much. Understandable. If you still want to sell without going into loss – just retarget people to a page where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course – keep this as a last option. But you might find 25-60% of people coming back and purchasing because of the discount.

#4 Add Something Extra

What about some bonuses? What if you could add something extra to lure back someone to your sales page? It works – we’ve used it HUNDREDS of time with consistent success! No reason why you can’t use this ninja technique. If anything, your customer will thank you!

#5 Offer Something Else

That’s right. What if they didn’t like Product A? No worries – you can still try and sell them Product B. Whilst the uptake might not be high, you could still make an additional 10% revenue every month and achieve this!

Its actually pretty simple. Check out some case studies from AdRoll:

Methods used included adroll retargeting on social media and on the company’s website, which included Facebook and Instagram.


In this example the campaign included prospecting on Facebook and the company website, which included CRM retargeting.


This retail website included methods of website retargeting, Facebook ads, advanced segmentation, and dynamic creative strategies.

Planning a successful retargeting strategy for your website and social media ads takes the right audience, message, and good timing. You don’t want to be out of sync with the current trends or not know the needs and desires of your community. As you segment your audience and create your methods ahead time you can become successful in increasing your website conversions.