How to Generate High Quality Leads in No Time

No matter what business you try to set up on the web, you’re going to need leads, and lots. This is something that is universally recognized across all major industries or niches, as a problem to tackle.

If you do not have this at all, you will not get moving forward with any business venture. Lots of people end up losing sight of this as they start to create leads for their business. Working on getting the right leads can take time, but it can definitely be done through the process of looking through a variety of different traffic channels.

Lead generation today has gone to the online world. You can achieve this through a variety of means, each one meant to get you targeted leads to look at what you’re offering. Whether you have an ecommerce site or you have a squeeze page that sells affiliate marketing products, you are going to want to create substantial focus on several traffic generating idea’s, pick the best one and run with it.

So how do you generate high quality leads for your business?

How? Here are my top 11 strategies to get the leads coming in by the truckload…

Compare the following forms of traffic and see why most people choose one over the other. It’s either Free or Paid, then targeted and paid (I made that one up on the fly). One or the other has an advantage creating leads for your business.

Targeted Traffic – The first thing that people look for is targeting options. This doesn’t always have a huge pull in huge leads, in terms of numbers. You could get 1,000 leads from using targeted traffic to your offer, and your conversion rate may only be around 10%, and that’s generous. Even though this is a tedious task, it’s something that is going to trump the other type of traffic that you could use. Always target your audience or your really wasting your time. Best sources are PPC, Solo Ads and Facebook

Free Traffic – This is a matter of numbers. Millions of sites pay for traffic through a variety of different websites and they see their ego boosted alongside the hits. You could get, 10,000 hits for as little as $5 with this strategy, but you are not going to get the kind of leads that are going to convert and create sales. Even if you were to get 100,000 hits to your page, your conversion ratio may be less than 1% and in some cases less than that. This is a generous speculation, as few people see anything from this type of push. It’s a shortcut that you should avoid. This is a waste of time in my opinion.

Paid and Targeted Traffic – This is the way to go. It requires investment but you’re wasting time here and your dollars are put to work getting you high quality leads and less time farting around trying to get free traffic that doesn’t work. Optin’s are better, sales showup, and you waste

The best way to pursue targeted traffic solutions, is through the use of tools that are within the confines of SEO. Search engine optimization is something that is going to absolutely help you get moving forward. It’s something that will take time to build, and will definitely give you a leg up on the competition. However, you’re going to have to work with various elements to get it to help you. Google Adwords is the best, but also the most expensive, but the traffic is better and produces sales. I would stick to either Bing or Google Adwords and have atleast 2-5K in funds to start out.

Solo Ads…

One popular lead generation strategy right now is using “Solo Ads”. This lead generation works well for getting the optin’s to your sales funnel, problem is finding a good vendor that has a good responsive list, as well as a good reputation. Well, I have that. Here’s my list of good solo ad vendors that deliver high quality traffic and leads.

  • Frank Dang
  • Shaqir Hussyin
  • Fotis Beks
  • Juan Morles


The best long term lead generation solution, is using SEO, and is something that requires several different balancing points. You cannot get anywhere, if you just try to work with this in a short time span, it takes months. You need, or should, hire someone or look into the best strategies of implementation, if you’re going to end up with traffic and a good google ranking overall. In order to get moving in the right direction, you’ll have to work with content marketing, social media marketing, link generation, basically experts and a marketing company, that knows what they are doing.

Without working on all these pieces together, you’re not going to see high quality leads coming through. Lead generation takes a whole new meaning when you’re working with the slow moving process of targeted optimization of SEO.

“It’s not something that happens overnight, which is why many people become disillusioned with how online marketing works. Don’t assume that just jumping into this seo framework will give you a good push forward, as you need to cultivate several elements to move in the right direction. Following up on the leads that you get is a good thing, and should be done through email marketing.”

Ok, now here’s my recommendation use “The Hoth”. This is a paid, seo, targeted strategy that really works boosting your sites Google visibility, rankings for keywords, and helps your blog or website traffic. I listed this resource on my “resource page”, as i used it and can recommend it to anyone in confidence. SEO should be really outsourced when your starting out or when you don’t have the time.

Here’s my top 11 Lead Generation Strategies besides what i talked about above

You have actually printed leaflets, you have actually sent mailers, you have actually blasted your social-media followers, however you’re still not getting the lead circulation you have to grow your business into the next billion-dollar brand. Well, there are numerous methods to create leads, so do not hang your head.

1. E-Books
These are excellent to produce for lead generation, as there are various E-book distribution networks to promote your book. Such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble for example. You could easily google “E-book distribution” and have a list of companies that will distribute your e-book.

You’ll wish to make sure that you have a landing page setup so that it needs visitors to input their phone, name and e-mail number for an opportunity to download the eBook. Pages like this can be constructed quickly with tools like Unbounce or leadpages.

2. Build a List
Do you have a list? If not, you’re losing out on among the most basic strategy to produce more leads. Ensure you put a optin form in every possible location that makes good sense on your blog or website. The money is in the list!

With a newsletter, you have a captive audience (individuals need to opt-in to your newsletter) however e-mail lists are a fantastic strategy to keeping in contact with your subscribers. Once more, do not make it everything about you. Instead, share with your subscribers your concerns, new marketing idea’s, new product launches, and ways to generate leads for their business.

3. A Blog
Having a blog is one of the best lead generation tools you can have, a place to post your content, to connect with readers, post reviews, post video’s and build a list, as well as, building your brand.

4. Twitter
Twitter is a dream for creating leads, if you do it right. And i’m not doing too shabby for having more than 100K of followers. Secret? post good tweets, share and favorite other people’s tweets, write and post good blog content, share, share, share…that’s it!

5. Networking Opportunities
Even events that didn’t relate to my particular business, have actually supplied me with some of the best contacts and leads, so far. Make sure to bring plenty of business cards, and do not be scared to ask for one in return, or ask questions when at these events. Mastermind events and business summits are great for meeting people and connecting with some important business people.

6. Create Video’s
Invest some time on producing a high quality, informative 2-3 minute video. As soon as you’ve published the video, you can get the video to go viral by utilizing services like StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Facebook to drive traffic to your video or blog. Create a long description for search purposes, and comment and like other people’s youtube channels.

7. Infographics
Yes, infographics might have been excessive and used heavily a couple of years back, however people (Neil Patel) still produce and share them and still stop and read them whenever they can.They’re fairly low-cost to produce. Just create a unique idea(once again, do not make it about you), discover a quality (however inexpensive) graphic designer, then share it socially and ask your network to pass it along. You can likewise send your infographics to publications that cover your market. Great for getting your point across.

Constantly put your logo design and web site URL on the bottom of the infographic. By doing this, readers will certainly see your blog there.

8. Webinars
Webinars are an affordable method to get your message to thousands of prospective clients, all on one webinar. Come up with a fantastic concept that assists your clients and promote it utilizing social media, your network and your newsletter.

At the end of the webinar, don’t hesitate to ask the guests to download an eBook, register for your newsletter, or see your website. This will certainly bring the leads flowing in.

9. Media
Using the media is kinda like doing a press release. Your headline news is being distributed to thousands, and will go up considerably if you do the reach out yourself (as long as your pitch is on point). A couple of key pointers before reaching out to reporters: Do not mass e-mail them, do not open with “to whom it might issue” and do not bother them (one follow up e-mail is enough).

By getting your name out in the media, you start to establish a audience, enhance your personal brand and come off as a expert in your domain– all that can assist you to get more leads.

10. Strong branding
Clients want the best professionals and the business that is the best in their market. Focus on interacting that through your brand, and your conversion rates will go up, resulting in more leads, and sales. People buy from people, and having that strong brand in people’s minds really helps the sales.

11. CPA Networks
What most people don’t realize, CPA networks have thousands of affiliates that had to apply to get into their network. I did a post on the 10 best CPA networks to use, and it’s posted on my blog for you read.

Read more at:

Hope all these ideas help you get into the sales groove online, and get you more focused in on what works out there and what is a waste of time. Time is the most valuable asset any entrepreneur can have, not money, or leads. So saving time, branding yourself, getting more leads and having more sales in the end, is what online marketing is about, or almost about.

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