Don’t let hits and page views confuse you. Many people often think website hits are page views, but that’s not right. Even worse they think that these two measurements are by far the most significant and only terminology they should know when it comes to web analytics; however, this is not the case.

Here’s what you should know about hits. Think of hits as if you are visiting a web page with photos, text, graphics, sound, and PDF documents. Each of these file types represent a hit. So, each of those types of files I mentioned plus the page itself equates to six hits. Now, if you said “my website had 6 hits in one minute,” it may give the impression that many people are visiting your site when the truth is only one page with many different types of files was visited.

A better testament of the popularity of your site are the page views it received. Whenever, a visitor looks at a section or page on the site, that look or view is recorded.

An even better or more truthful assessment are unique visitors. Here’s what you should know about this group. It doesn’t matter how many times the visitor has come back to your site or the pages the person views or the images on the page; this number shows those individuals dedicated to the site. This tells the number of visitors engaged with the site’s content.

These web analytics metrics used together can help gather a significant amount of information when analyzing the popularity of your website.