Having a web presence is no longer option; companies must actively try to reach potential customers using the power of the Internet. Further, companies should try to integrate as many different venues of web development as possible to reach as many demographics as they can. Here are four steps to increasing your web presence.

1. Start and maintain a blog

Blogs are a great way to reach new customers. It is important that the blog is not used as an overt sales platform; it must be primarily informative or entertain. With regular updates, it is possible to gain a large and loyal following who will provide links from their own websites or blogs. You can also use traditional techniques for gaining new readers such as link exchanges, guest posts and commenting on other blogs. Blogs also grant a bit of freedom, so do not be afraid to use it to take some risks.

2. Double down on social media

By now, most companies and businesses have a presence on social media. Many, however, have not put forth the effort necessary to make their social media properties work for them as well as possible. Consider running promotions to get more followers; discounts or even free products can help. Promising to donate a certain amount of money to a charity once the account reaches a particular milestone can help as well. The best long-term strategy, however, is to post entertaining or informative information on the page. The ultimate goal should be to get followers to share your posts with their friends.

3. Give video a shot

Internet video is constantly becoming more popular. With the increased bandwidth of typical Internet connections and the availability of video-hosting services, the Internet has the infrastructure and the technological capability necessary to spread videos far and wide. Companies can check out an official host review to see if a particular host has the capabilities to match their needs. By using videos, those running a company can give it a personal touch that text cannot match. Video also reaches out to Internet users who would rather watch a video than read an article.

4. Target mobile Internet users

The fastest-growing demographic on the Internet is users with mobile devices. These devices, however, are not simply smaller laptops; their capabilities are advanced, but their screen sizes are too small to display normal websites, and their input methods are radically different from the mouse and keyboard standard. By specifically targeting mobile platforms, a company can tap into a large segment of users.

The Internet provides a tremendous number of users, and this base of users is growing every day. With a bit of labor and some creativity, it is possible to tap large segments of the Internet’s population who have not yet been reached in an effective manner.