Landing pages that contain video can be incredibly effective at creating conversions, but only if they are well designed and thought out. Whether one is looking to create an Atlanta video production, a corporate video or any other type of website video, it can be worthwhile to take notice of landing pages that work.

Here are four examples of web pages with videos that deliver conversions, in a Video SEO friendly way that customers enjoy.

Google Nexus

Google’s Nexus phone and tablet line is changing the face of mobile service. Offering some of the best phones available that will immediately work with less expensive pre-paid phone plans, Nexus phones are selling so rapidly that customers are having to wait months before they can purchase one. Google’s Nexus landing page offers an example of a business video that works. Well produced, and part of a simple, elegant page layout, its effectiveness is demonstrated by the popularity of the product.


In an effort to explain logistics and how UPS works so effectively, the company has created multiple videos. On the New Logistics page, potential customers can discover how powerful the UPS global system is, and can do so in a fun way that makes UPS seem like a business’ best friend. UPS also offers an array of customer testimonials, going even further to guarantee conversions.


As a website that is all about customer made videos, Animoto does a fantastic job of focusing potential customers on how easy it is to use its service. Offering up a promo video for a variety of situations, Animoto shows how entertaining and touching videos can be, and gives the customers the impression that their own videos could be just as enjoyable.


Dropbox defines how simple a landing page can be. Customers can only do one of three things – watch a video explaining the service, sign up for the service or download the software. Another example of how effective simplicity can be with a quality video, Dropbox delivers everything a customer needs to know using as little as possible. The video is fun and entertaining, and allows potential customers to quickly decide if it is for them or not.