The hottest scene in the online advertising space right now is real time bidding (RTB). But, as more and more marketers jump into the space, they have quickly discovered that of the many RTB systems out there, most of them just cannot meet their needs. This left a huge opportunity available in the market for the right company to come in and build a real time bidding platform to rule them all.

Enter engage:BDR. Released to the public in early 2012, this RTB platform immediately shot to the front of the pack, standing head and shoulders above the myriad of current platforms out there. The system, which engage:BDR has dubbed as First Impression, has been living up to its name according to many professional online marketers in the know who have been using the system extensively since the release. And, engage:BDR listens, taking into careful consideration the comments of clients who have been using First Impression by sending out a steady stream of updates and new releases to meet the targeted needs and desires of their market.

What marketing professionals have been focusing on are some of the improvements of First Impression in some of the subsequent releases. Some of the more talked about updates have been:

  • First Impression is now mobile. With the development of an iPhone app and some pretty loud chatter about an iPad app in the pipeline, online marketing professionals can access the system from anywhere on the go. This is a huge benefit in functionality for users of any RTB platform. Since real time bidding doesn’t wait, now neither will a user, they will be able to check their accounts in real time twenty four hours a day.
  • engage:BDR has also realized just how important it is for marketing professionals to have some seamless integration with other popular software and programs that are also utilized in RTB. Most notably, First Impression has been integrated with Compete (more information can be found at, which ties right into the engage:BDR network. This tie in now gives users the ability to quickly check into user determined specific metrics on things like conversion rates and traffic sources and be able to make adjustments and tweaks on the fly to service customer needs immediately.
  • Another big time update to First Impression is that now it also links with WhatRunsWhere. In terms of providing an end user with a higher return on investment and ability to pivot immediately, WhatRunsWhere is a vital tool. With this integration, First Impression now allows marketing professionals to discover and understand any subtle shifts that might be occurring with products and between competitors.

One of the benefits that the engage:BDR team has over some of its competition is that it has been running in this space for years, as an ad network. This gives them a major step up above competing RTB systems because they know the ins and outs of ad networks and what users are ultimately going to be looking for in a product. While First Impression has not been around a long time, it certainly has demonstrated itself quickly as one of the leaders in the RTB system field.