Facebook vs GooglePaid Advertising is the most effective lead generation marketing strategy.
It lets you reach to your target customer base easily in a short time. With increasing competition, Paid Advertising Campaigns have become a need for increasing lead generation.

Two online advertising industry Giants – Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, offer paid advertising models. Facebook has gained the top spot in Social Media sphere but Google still controls the majority of web traffic. However, your business nature and needs will let you decide which platform will bring better ROI for your campaigns.

Let’s compare these big advertising behemoths and see how they stack up best for your business needs.

Factors Google Paid Ads Facebook Paid Ads
User Engagement
Page Views 180 Billion 1 Trillion
Avg. time spent by users 14 minutes 32 minutes
US Traffic % 31% 24%
Reach to Online Users 90% 51%
Ad Format
Text ads
Image ads
Video ads ×
Dedicated Mobile ads ×
Flash Ads ×
Ad Placements
Home Page ×
Search Results ×
Newsfeed ×
Affiliate Sites ×
User Targetting
Keyword Targeting ×
Geographic Targetting
Demographic Targetting
Topic and Interest Targetting ×
Targetting through Topic and Interest ×
Targetting through User Behavior ×
In-built Remarketing ×
Remarketing Setup Easy Complex
Advertising Performance
Average Shelf Life 30 days 5 days
Average Cost Per Click $0.85 $0.80
Average Click Through Rate 2.00% 0.05%
Average Cost Per Impression $1.60 $0.15

The comparison above tells you clearly that the average CTR for Facebook Ads is lesser than that of AdWords but at the same time, it drives less qualified traffic which may not lead to conversion as users may not be in ‘buy mode’. At the same time, Facebook leads to brand promotion along with the conversions, as social networks also grow with the help of paid ads. This can be helpful for the long term lead generation and promotion of your brand. Facebook Ads and Google AdWords each have their own respective advantages over one another. You just need to decide between the two on the basis of our preferences and business needs.

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