Before you get to modify your website, your first concern should be about ensuring its security. Web site malware usually happens during the process of installing WordPress plugins, which are applications made to enhance the CMS efficiency of your website.

Aside from enhancing your company’s brand, your website was created to generate more sales from internet users. Hence, protecting it from online threats should be one of the essentials in your marketing program.

Be aware that the download of security plug-ins without reading its reviews is hazardous. As per Macgig, one of these plug-ins can bring about server conflict in WordPress support.

Here are some WordPress plug-ins we tested with latest CMS version.

  1. Bad Behavior

    anti spam commentA PHP-based solution intended to block link spam and the robots which deliver it, Bad Behavior serves as the guard lookout, blocking spammers from delivering their junk and from reading your site in the first place. Thus, your site’s load is kept down, logs are cleaner and denial of service conditions caused by spammers are prevented.

    How it works is more sophisticated than other link spam solutions as more than just looking at the potential spam’s content, it also does an analysis of the delivery method and software the spammer is using. Such enables this plugin from stopping spam attacks including those which are unfamiliar to anybody.

    This plugin adapts to any PHP-based web software package and available for WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and LifeType. It also works on Movable Type, phpBB and many more.

  2. Wordfence

    A free enterprise class security kind of plugin, it’s feature packed with a firewall, anti-virus scanning, cellphone sign-in, malicious URL scanning and life traffic including crawlers. Moreover, it’s the only plugin that is capable of verifying and repairing your core, theme and plugin files despite the absence of backups.

    Although recently developed, Wordfence plug-in has matured quite quickly. One of its benefits is its capability to compare plugin, theme and WordPress core files on your installation with the official version in the WordPress repository. Any discrepancies are made known via email message. It scans for malware, phishing, backdoors and virus infections as well.

    Currently, Wordfence is Multi-Site compatible and comes with Cellphone Sign-in, which serves as a permanent security from very strong force hacks. It likewise offers a Premium API key that provides Cellphone Sign-in through SMS and allows you to block countries and schedule scans in particular times.

  3. WordPress anti spamSucuri Security

    A security plugin that checks for malware, spam, blacklisting as well as security issues like htaccess redirects and hidden eval code, Sucuri Security comes with a SiteCheck Malware scanner plugin that allows you to scan your WordPress site using the plug-in right in your dashboard.

    It provides significant enhancement of your security by adding a web application wall, integrity monitoring, audit logging and activity reporting, 1-click hardening, server side scanning and malware cleanup service.

    Apart from all these benefits, Sucuri Security is free so what better way than protecting your website from danger with a very cost effective plugin right? As webmaster said, finding out that your website is hacked from a monitoring service is way much better than knowing about it from users or when Google blacklists your website.

A website with security problems can lose its index pages and in the process, it’s ranking too. The worst scenario is having Google ban a website for bad scripts, which would take 6 months to 1 year before it can go back to its original status. So, with that in mind, you can see that protecting your website can be likened to securing your company’s assets. It’s may be an investment but it’s a small price to pay if you think about all the advantages and benefits it can give to your website and in turn, your company’s sales and profits, in the long run.

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