Email messaging is increasingly important as people continue to scan their flooded inboxes opening only the emails that peak their curiosity and deleting everything else without a second thought. In the world of “delete, delete, delete” your email marketing strategy is critical. You have only seconds (if that) to captivate the reader with your email subject lines and convince them to open your email. One article provided 14 tips for effective email messaging.

1. Non-sequiturs – this doesn’t fit together

The human brain is programmed to recognize differences. So ditch the familiar ho-hum subject lines for something that makes people furrow their brow and say, “huh.” Here are a few examples of the unexpected the article gave:

a.) Social + Location + Mobile = The Perfect Beer
b.) Being Considered Obsolete is Awesome
c.) How to Be Strategically Unlikeable Online

2. Lists of three

Who doesn’t love a good list? This subject line messaging works especially well when the third item doesn’t fit (per the non-sequitur strategy above) or is very specific.

a.) Drugs, Milk & Money: Social & Regulated Industries
b.) Credits Coins Cash: Social Currency & Finance 2.0

3. The element of surprise

Dilate your reader’s pupils with a little bit of shock and awe.

a.) How Mexico’s Drug Traffickers Harness Social Media
b.) Avoiding Bulls**t Personas: A Case Study

4. Rhyme time and alliteration

Mix alliteration and rhyming into your email messaging.

a.) Teaching Touch: Tapworthy Touchscreen Design
b.) Social Music Marketing: Bands, Brands & Fans

5. Take on the enemy

Creating a common enemy for you and your reader can help a subject line peak your reader’s interest.

a.) Screw the Job Market: Young + Passionate