Often times companies will struggle to find the right combination of effective advertising that works together to deliver an attractive online marketing ROI. It is important to have several marketing channels working together to drive targeted traffic to your website on a constant basis in order to keep the leads and sales rolling in.

Many businesses associate pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with a huge marketing expense since you pay for every single click that the paid search campaign delivers to your website. Blindly setting up a PPC campaign and creating ads without knowing how it all works is not recommended, but when a pay-per-click campaign is professionally set up it is a very effective advertising option that can deliver a very large ROI. There are five main reasons that your business should be using PPC as part of your marketing strategy.

Effective Advertising 5 Reasons PPC Will Increase Your Marketing ROI

1. Instant Website Traffic

While a search engine optimization campaign can take months to start delivering traffic, pay-per-click advertising allows you to drive traffic to your website almost immediately. Technically a business could open a Google AdWords account and create some ads and select keywords and start receiving clicks within a couple of hours.

Going after organic traffic requires onsite optimization and offsite link building and content marketing, but PPC gives you the option to receive clicks and traffic right away. This is great for companies that do not want to wait for organic rankings to surface and have a need and desire for traffic, leads, and sales immediately. The faster you can get revenue through the door the faster you can grow as a business.

2. Extremely Measurable

One of the benefits of pay-per-click advertising it the ability to measure every aspect of the campaign and determine where it is performing well or needs help. It is possible to see how many impressions each ad receives, how many clicks each ad receives, and what clicks resulted in a conversion. It is very easy to see whether or not a PPC effort is producing a nice ROI, and using the data it is possible to continue to optimize in order to keep increasing the ROI. While some marketing is harder to track in terms of ROI, pay-per-click advertising provides the data necessary to evaluate the return.

3. Easy to Scale

PPC allows smaller companies to compete with the largest brands in the world. The advertiser has full control over the daily and monthly budgets and once a campaign is optimized and producing a solid return it is possible to increase the budgets and continue to scale the size of the campaign.

Obviously the larger the budget is in the beginning the quicker the campaign can be tested and scaled, but even a small company with limited funds can start a PPC campaign and begin to compete.

A brand new company can use pay-per-click advertising to drive visitors and create brand awareness along with sales. These new customers will often return again to make repeat purchases and as you scale your PPC this occurrence will increase.

4. Targeting Only Local

Local businesses can benefit greatly by using the geo-targeting options that pay-per-click advertising offers. Let’s take a local dental office located in Los Angeles, California as an example. Using PPC then can target their ads to only be displayed to consumers that are located within a specific radius of their office address. This helps to guarantee that anyone clicking on the ad are likely to turn into patients since they are located within the specified distance.

Combining paid search marketing with local SEO is a great way to really dominate a local market. It is a great marketing combo that can result in a nice ROI for a local business.

5. Rank for Difficult Keywords

If you are doing SEO then you know that there are some keywords that are difficult to rank for. Many keywords that are difficult to rank for have the high search volume and are “buyer” keywords that result in leads and sales. It can take you a log time and a lot of effort and money to rank for some of the more difficult keywords, but with PPC you don’t have to wait and you can go right after that high volume search traffic.

Using pay-per-click allows you to target those low ranking keywords and immediately get eyes on your ads and brand. You might be ranking organically for some keywords, but in order to get full coverage you can use PPC to target those keywords that your website is not ranking for in the organic search results. This is a great way to really dominate the search results.

Successful online marketing campaigns combine several different traffic sources, and PPC is one of the most effective options to help a business grow. If you are a new business or looking for a way to compliment your SEO then pay-per-click should be implemented into your marketing plan.