There’s no better way to reach thousands of potential customers than with a great online presence, and to build that presence, you need a proven, workable online marketing strategy. Marketing your business online requires some knowledge and some effort, but you don’t have to be an expert to make it work. Here are a few online marketing strategies that are easy to implement and get results.

Create Focused Content:

So many online marketers use an approach that comes down to throwing a bunch of mud against a wall and seeing what sticks. General content may get you some traffic, but you’re not likely to turn those leads into actual sales. Instead, understand your target audience and create online content that’s specifically suited to your future customers’ needs and interests. You may get fewer total clicks, but more of those clicks will turn into revenue.

Integrate With Existing Efforts:

One of the simplest ways to stretch your marketing budget is to make sure that your separate marketing efforts build on each other. This can be as simple as printing your website’s URL on your business cards or as complex as holding special online promotions that are redeemable at your physical store location. Whenever one marketing effort reinforces another, you’re essentially getting extra publicity for free.

Use Contests and Prizes:

There’s nothing like the possibility of a tangible reward to keep people coming back to your website. Hold weekly or monthly promotions and use your whole online presence to build hype. Visitors will constantly check your website to see if they’ve won, and if the prizes are good enough, you’ll build plenty of positive buzz.

Use Customer-Facing Blogging:

Customers love blog posts that help them, not purely promotional content that talks up your company. Use informational articles, how-to posts and frequently asked questions to bring customers back. In addition to feeling like they’re getting something of value from your company, readers will start to see you as a legitimate expert in your field.

Invite Feedback:

Wherever you are on the Internet, plan on opening a dialogue with your customers. Read and respond to comments on social media and have a dedicated contact page on your website. Following up on feedback helps your readers feel valued and builds trust. As a bonus, you may find that some of those suggestions actually help you improve your business.

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