I recently came across a very interesting article that discussed ways to make your website landing page more appealing and efficient. In the article from unbounce.com, the author made a checklist of 50 ways to make your landing page better. The idea is that website admins or owners should go through the list and make sure that they cover all 50 topics. I found a few of the suggestions to be the most important and wanted to address them further.

Website Impressions

Could someone who has never seen your site or heard of your business before, understand what you are all about within the first 5-10 seconds of landing on your page?

This is a pretty critical question. Visitors to your site should not have to click around before understanding the purpose of your site. Your home page should have enough information on it that even those who are unfamiliar with your business should be able to very quickly figure out what it is all about. If they can’t, then it’s time to redesign your website.  Make sure to include:

  • Your business name in a large, clear font
  • A blurb about what kind of company you are
  • Photos of inventory or services

Does your website homepage set your company apart from others that are similar? 

Your website should make a point to differentiate your business from others that are offer the same types of goods or services. While I’m not saying that it is necessary to make a list of why you are better and post it on your homepage, it is good to advertise why it is that your company offers something superior. Another way to achieve this is to make some kind of offer to your customers.

Are your site visitors able to easily locate several ways to contact you?

This is critical for all types of businesses. Your website should be one of your best salespeople.  Many of the most successful companies do not try to hide their contact information; in fact they make it crystal clear. It’s great to offer your website visitors multiple forms of contact. Phone is of course the most obvious, but having a readily available email address is important as well. If your company is big enough to warrant a chat option, that is extremely useful to customers. Most phones and emails are answered during traditional business hours, when most people are at work. Having a chat available makes customer service more accessible to many people.

Do you have a sign-up page? How easy is it to sign-up?

Ever feel misled when a company entices you to sign-up for something? Lots of websites pop up a place to put in an email address in order to be sent updates, as soon as their site loads. While this can be a good tactic, make sure that you don’t mislead customers. If they have to do something further than just entering an email, it’s a great idea to give an estimate of how much time or how many steps will be involved. That way they can make an educated decision about whether or not that is something they can do.

Having your website make a positive first impression can make or break many aspects of your business. As silly as it may sound, a website that is not functional or pretty may turn some customers off to the point that they no longer choose to do business with you. This is why website design and usability are so important.  The 50-point checklist and choosing a good website design business can be a big help when it comes to optimizing your page.