The problem with most “Contact Me” pages is that they’re hard to find and uninspiring.

Ideally, your contact information should be in an easy-to-find location on your homepage. Many people bury it a layer or two into the website.   

My heart sinks when I want to contact someone, go onto their “Contact Me” page and can’t find a phone number. All I see is one of those annoying email forms that I must complete. Most times, no one responds.

And then there’s Scott Ginsberg, aka The Nametag Guy.

I found his site a few weeks ago when I was doing research for the webinar 60+ Places Offline to Promote Your Product, Service, Cause, Issue or Event to Build the Buzz & Encourage Others to Promote for You. Promoting your book or product by writing a short blurb about it on your nametag at a convention or training session is one way to attract attention. When I Googled “nametag,” I ended up at his site.  

Scott, an author and speaker, has been wearing a nametag 24/7 for the last several years, as a way to encourage people to start talking to him. Even when he’s at the beach, he wears a nametag. It’s tatooed on his chest. 

His Contact Me page is so inviting, you can’t help but want to talk to him:

 I love the sentence “I am available and at your service.” And he’s given you nine options for connecting with him!

Pretend you’re a journalist and want to interview someone on the topic of networking. You arrive at his website and see this. How eager would you be to contact him?

Now, go to your own website and compare your contact information with his.

What will you be doing differently now that you’ve seen this? Can you think of anything else you can add to a “Contact Me” page?