When putting together your landing pages, think disposability. Really.

Online testing requires that marketers are able to create a lot of pages quickly, and have no anxiety over tossing out pages if they’re not converting well.

In order to reduce this anxiety, pages can’t be resource intensive. Think about it—if your team spends a ton of time on one single page (layout, copy, images, coding, proofing, tweaking, etc), you won’t be too happy when it doesn’t win a test and you have to dump it. Better to think of pages as disposable.

That means quick. We’re talking minutes if you’re just making small tweaks to an existing page, and hours at the most if you’re creating a new page. The best way to manage this process is by working off of custom-branded templates. This way you can grab a template, pop in widgets, images, and copy, and launch a new page …fast.

Here’s an example of how to use templates within LiveBall to launch new tests fast…

You can see in this screenshot of one of ion’s templates, there are lots of places to quickly drop in new copy, widgets, forms, etc. You just have to click on the placeholder and an editor pops up allowing you to add in whatever you want.

With a few more clicks you can swap out the image, headline, form fields, or copy to create a challenger.

All of this can be done in just a few minutes, and you have yourself an A/B test.

When your test produces a winner, toss out the losing page. It’s no sweat off your back since you created the page in a few minutes.

Then click-click-click and create a new challenger to test against your champion.

Using templates to create disposable landing pages should be on every marketer’s to-do list. It’s the fastest and arguably the best way to run an on-going testing program.