Dilbert Rejects Black Hat SEO

Dilbert Disses Back Hat SEO

Sometimes the best way to get a message across is satirically, and nobody does satirical office humor better than Scott Adams in his Dilbert comic strip. Sure, we all know the potential pitffals of leveraging Black Hat SEO tactics, but somehow when Dilbert and his incompetent pointed-haired boss debate the merits of using the technique to raise the company’s website rankings for search engines, the message hits home. In today’s strip the pair exchange ideas on search engine optimization:

“I want you to use “black hat” methods to raise our website’s ranking on search engines.”

“What do you like best about that ideas – the fact that it’s unethical or the near certainty of getting caught?”

“That’s sort of a loserish thing to say.”

“Talking doesn’t work for people like me.”

In recent years Adams has appeared to relish taking on search giant Google. Below are a pair of strips poking fun at the company’s omnipotent presence.

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