When we come across a webinar that provides innovative tools that can be integrated into digital marketing strategies, we’ll share our industry research legwork with you. We recently viewed “Automating and Optimizing Your Paid Search Marketing Campaigns″ and pulled the following key paid search marketing takeaways from the webinar:

Takeaway #1: Paid search marketing automation technology is rapidly evolving

Search engine marketing automation is becoming easier and more detailed as technological capabilities within the industry grow. This rapid evolution is resulting in an opportunity for greater campaign management efficiency.

Takeaway #2: Automation does NOT render search engine marketers obsolete

There is a fear that automation will reach a point that will make search engine marketing experts obsolete. However, it is important to remember that removing the human aspect from campaign management is like letting a computer drive your car for you; it’s a feasible idea but not one worth the risk of the potential shortcomings that can arise without the human element involved. But have no fear – automation cannot replace a number of paid search marketing components, such as the development of an effective search engine marketing strategy and a true understanding of the business and its needs as they pertain to SEM.

Takeaway #3: Automation can be broken down into two categories: tactical and theoretical

The methods involved in each of these automation components provide a framework for automating a campaign at any level. Also, there is a wide array of tools and techniques provided that allow for automation within objective-specific paid search marketing campaigns.