Figures just released in SoDA’s 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook report tell us what most marketing insiders have known for some time. Traditional media is out; digital media is in.

According to SoDA, in 2011:

  • 72% of brand marketers are planning to shift funds from traditional media to digital media
  • 93% of marketers plan to increase or maintain 2010′s level of investment in paid digital media

And where agencies go, clients follow. At Piehead, we’re expecting to see larger budgets across the board for digital initiatives, especially solutions that engage potential customers.

2011 – The Year of Integrated Marketing Agencies

Digital account executives have something else to look forward to – the triumph of integration. Unlike the past, clients are increasingly aware that social, mobile, email, web and gaming strategies must work together in order to be effective.

In a recent AdAge article, The Year Ahead: 2011 Predictions for Agencies, the authors noted:

“Some marketers, like Kraft and Google, will continue to cherry-pick shops across the industry to work on specific brands or projects, but most will eschew long rosters of specialized agencies in favor of fewer, more integrated shops.”

When it comes to 21st century marketing, clients want the whole package. Companies who can’t attract and retain customers on multiple platforms will find themselves left in the dust.

Digital account executives can find themselves in one of the most exciting and lucrative jobs in today’s market. And unlike a job in traditional media, it’s one with a rosy future:

  • By partnering with an integrated agency, a digital account executive has the means to offer clients a flexible range of online solutions – not just one product
  • Plus, with new technologies appearing every day, a digital account executive can take advantage of an ever-expanding toolbox to help clients solve their problems

Piehead is hiring Account Executives to sell digital engagement solutions.

Locations available:  California, Texas, Mid-Atlantic, New York City Metro and New England.  Apply online via the Piehead jobs page.