When visitors convert on your landing page, it’s important to remember they are doing you a favor (not the other way around). Of course, they’re receiving something in return, which is nice – but you should go one step farther to thank them.  You should get social with them.

Adding social widgets to your landing page kills two birds with one stone:

  1. It extends the good will towards your brand, and puts you in front of a new group of potential customers. Think about it: your respondents just received something that will help them in some way, and they’re feeling pretty good. Now they can publically thank you and share their good experience with their social networks. Just remember to make the sharing a no-brainer. Include one-click options like a Twitter button or Facebook Like button.
  2. Second, adding social widgets to the landing page allows you to become part of their social network, thus extending your relationship with them. What could have ended with the purchase, has now become an opportunity to stay engaged and cultivate a long-term relationship with repeat conversions.

For more information on why and how to get social with your landing pages, check out this presentation we put together:

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