I love saving money. Whenever I get a great deal on something, I tell everyone I know. Sometimes when I go shopping, I just try on different items, then strategically stalk the store’s website until I see them go on sale.

So it probably goes without saying that I subscribe to various daily deal emails, namely LivingSocial and Groupon. When I heard that LivingSocial was going to be offering $1 lunch deals all over Washington, DC today to promote its new Instant Deals feature, I was all over it.

Initially, I had heard via a Mashable article that the dollar deals could be accessed through the LivingSocial app, available for iPhone and Android. Not a problem for me, since I have an iPhone and downloaded the app a long time ago. But when I was walking to the FairWinds office this morning, I noticed this sign outside of one of the restaurants participating in the deal:

Check out the domain name at the bottom of the sign – DollarLunchDay.com. In addition to the mobile app, LivingSocial secured a great domain name for this promotion, broadening its reach to customers without smartphones (or with BlackBerrys). I love seeing a cool company engage in an awesome marketing effort with a great domain name to back it up.