When it comes to paid search, the ad itself is the most important piece – it functions as your business’s flag, and the colors you fly can send customers right to you or right over to your next competitor.

And while there are many ways in which you can ensure your ad copy is the best it can be, let’s start by taking a look at the top 3 proven strategies you can utilize to pump up your ad performance and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Research The Competition.

First, identify your actual competitors and assess their ad copy. What audience are they targeting with their ad copy? Are their ads set up to perform against competitors, specific markets or for more generalized searches?

For example, if you are a coat manufacturer like London Fog, you’d want to consider focusing your ad copy towards variants of say, “wool peacoats” rather than just focusing on fighting for space with competitors who emphasize “luxury coats” in their ads. Sometimes it’s better to find the path of least resistance; and if you can avoid the bidding wars with a competitor and still achieve your goals by focusing on different areas (such as general coat searches vs. pure luxury interest), do it!

2. Utilize Ad Extensions.

ppc-ad-extensionsAd extensions are great because they express aspects of your business without taking up valuable ad text space. These days you can show multiple links to other pages of your site, such as Gooogle reviews or your location and phone number.

This information appears right within your ad, while still having those valuable rows of text freed up for a great call-to-action.

3. Include A Compelling Offer.

The best way to show up the competition and get quality performance out of your ads is by offering something enticing and/or unique to your business within your industry. Anything that shows instant savings, superior deals or higher quality service is sure to catch the eye. Don’t forget to be as specific as possible about your offers and never feel abashed about showing off!

By addressing these three points you’ll be well on your way to creating ads that will attract customers and keep them hooked until the sale is done. If you’d like to learn more about improving your ad copy, take a look at our new PPC eBook that addresses some of the more intricate areas of online ad improvement.