online bulbOnline marketing tools have significantly advanced over the years, but there are many organizations that still struggle to get the return on investment that they expect from their Internet campaigns. Whether they’re using email, social media or another medium, marketing through online platforms has become a necessity to many businesses, but it’s also creating substantial challenges. As demands for reaching a broader audience become more pressing, companies must ensure that they are using their resources effectively and have created a campaign strategy that will maximize benefits.

The Internet has opened a variety of new ways to reach consumers and capture their interests for services and products. Many small businesses, for example, may not have a person designated only for the maintenance of the social media profiles and email campaigns. According to a recent AWeber survey of 1,500 small business owners and marketers, more companies are spending less than 2 hours a week on Twitter (79 percent), email (57 percent) and Facebook (55 percent). However, this trend is contrary to the 89 percent of respondents that intend to use email more for their online marketing. While word of mouth is also a big channel for producing ROI, emails have become the main source for business campaigns. Marketing with emails can easily be automated, allowing staff to boost efficiency and focus on other aspects of the organization.

Using digital marketing effectively
Online mediums are becoming increasingly important for consumers. Users will surf the Web, view social media and shop from their mobile devices, making it essential for businesses to support this audience. Investing in mobile marketing and data activism will enable decision makers to reach mobile clients and have actionable information that could lead to further growth, according to MarketingProfs contributor Ali Behnam. However, organizations must ensure that their campaigns are flexible enough to adapt to any situation. Having a high level of responsiveness will help provide better products and create more effective marketing content that’s directly relevant to the audience.

“With the right digital marketing foundation, they can deploy and launch revenue-generating campaigns and solutions faster than ever—without relying on ongoing IT assistance,” Behnam wrote. “Marketing agility increases revenue while reducing IT costs.”

Online marketing is a convenient way to reach consumers, but some clients still prefer voice interaction. Fonality’s business telephone solutions will give your company the tools to provide quality customer services and a reliable connection for a positive experience. To find out more about these solutions, contact a Fonality representative today.