Good websites are the heart and soul of any company’s success. They tell you customers about your services and how to contact you. But how do you make your website great? These basic tips allow you to show your company’s personality and create a great environment for your potential customer.


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Does your company have a cool logo or very specific colors? Integrate these into your website design in a creative way. A popular technique is to use the colors of the company logo as the background and text of the website. Customer will more easily recognize a consistent pattern/color/ logo in the future, so make sure your website is full of company pride! Also, a distinct color scheme makes your site seem clean and organized. Best Buy has a great color scheme for its website- check out the consistent blues and yellows!


Content is key. There are two main reasons for having good quality content. First, with Panda impacting many websites, it is a

smart idea to keep the content farms at bay. You can be demoted on the Google rankings, and then, no one will be able to find you without a direct search. The most important reason for making good quality content is for your customers. If your customers are finding good information on your website, they will have more respect for your site and company. The easiest way to lose your customers’ respect is to waste their time. Make sure this content is not only updated but also promoted on social sites as well!


A great website has an easy and efficient way for the customer to contact the company. These can include open comment forums or places to submit private questions. Make sure that your customers are aware that they can submit questions, compliments or complaints. The goal with this open interaction is to show you care about your clients. You can also show your company’s personality when responding to these questions. These sections are all about building a relationship with your customers– keep the relationship strong by diligently responding to these comments.


The worst thing for a customer to see is a cluttered, hard to navigate website. They will immediately leave the site for a better organized site. Poor organization includes not having properly labeled links, too many categories or too few. For a great site, keep it clean and instinctual. Potential customers came to your site for answers not for more questions! Walmart is organized by department, and this clarity can help you find what you need quickly.

When building your website, remember the four C’s- Color, Content, Comments, and Clarity. These are basic categories to follow. You can adapt them to make sure that your company’s personality and services are the center of attention! Keep those customers interested.

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