5 Ways to Create a Site ClientsIt’s not enough to simply design a company web site anymore. So many are created and look stellar, yet fail to attract clients—the very reason for having a site in the first place. They say that the key to success is creating a global community in which people can participate. This means your business has to engage the public and give them a reason to keep coming back.

To make your business web site more engaging, try the following:

1.  Track Niche Jargon and Language

For whatever field your business is working in, it’s wise to keep track of new jargon creeping into the lexicon of that industry. This language is not only useful for communicating about your products and services, but it also affects your site’s landing page optimization, which needs to be regularly refreshed with current keyword phrases.

2.  Maintain Feeds

If you perform newsletter and catalogue design, you’re on the right track; having newsletters or interfaces to receive content is engaging by itself. But to go a step further, make sure you’re using RSS feeds and ”follow” icons for customers to sign up for updates on social media. These updates go right to people’s e-mail or social media pages and enable them to stay informed about your business.

3.  Provide News, Information, and Resources

Once people come to your web site and see an archive of information, such as news releases, published articles, and newsletter archives, many will dig deeper into your site to see just how informed you are in your field. This can serve as a form of branding and interactivity that many customers enjoy.

4.  Use Images

Content is great but, as the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images are crucial when it comes to graphic-centric social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and people will always be intrigued by pictures of new products or services, leading them to investigate further. If your site or newsletters feature custom photography services, use them on social media as well.

5.  Write a Blog

Blogging with a combination of the above (news updates, optimized keyword phrases, and pictures) can help build brand equity and client loyalty, and promote corporate identity development. Write a blog, link it to your site, and spread it across your social media, landing page, and electronic media. This will combine some of the best parts of your company and attract a lot of potential customers.

This article How to Create a More Engaging Company Web Site was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.