Have you ever been to a website and become underwhelmed by their About Me page? Me too!

In fact, the About Me section may be one of the most important pages on any website. It allows your reader know who you are, what you stand for, and what your experience is.

Your audience invests in your life each time they read your blog, and it is important to let them know a little more about you.

Everyone loves getting to know the person behind the blog they love! If you check out your Google Analytics account, you might notice that your About Me section is one of the most frequented pages on your site. Whether you have an informative, review, or personal blog, your readers want to know more about you, to validate you as a trustworthy source.

Here are some great tips on making a stand out About Me page:

Tip Number One: Be Informative

Your readers want to get to know you. Your site can allow you can share your values, and a little bit of what inspired you. Letting your audience see why you are passionate about your work will make them want to continue to follow your blog. Talking about your credentials is a great way to boost your credibility. Readers love to know about your relevant achievements. This is a great way to tell your audience exactly why you are the best person for the job. While it is important to try and impress people with your merits, it is not necessary to ramble on about all the awards you have won. Keep it short and sweet; you don’t want to bore your readers, nor do you want to seem self-absorbed.

Tip Number Two: Be Yourself

1536133While writing in SEO phrasing is an amazing way to rank your site, you want to be natural in your About Me page. You will not gain any credibility for your readers if you sound like a robot. While getting traffic from Google is amazing, you should keep your About Me page conversational, and let your personality shine through.

People want to know about the real you, so write the way you speak. Readers love relating to the writers of their favorite blogs. It makes your audience feel more connected to you as a person, and they may be willing to read your blog more frequently because of that.

Tip Number Three: Be Truthful

While this may sound silly, and unnecessary, it is important to note that there is no need to exaggerate on your About Me page. This page is a great spot to paint an honest view of yourself. Do not embellish, or tell any little white lies when letting your audience read a little more about you. Readers can easily verify whether or not someone is being truthful. Giving any sort of false claims will make your site, and you, lose credibility.

Tip Number Four: Keep It Simple

While this is a place for you to tell your users who you are, it is not your autobiography. You do not need to tell your entire life story, just skip to the good parts. Highlight the important factors of your life that you find interesting. Chances are, your readers may agree with you! Keep your About Me section short, and readable. It is important to emphasize your unique selling points, as this can help you retain readers.

Tip Number Five: Update Frequently

Since your About Me page has some of the highest traffic throughout your site, it is important to update it often. Many bloggers do not add information to their page frequently enough. In fact, some bloggers don’t even have About Me pages!

It is crucial to have a constantly updated About Me section. Add any new credentials you have obtained, or any new education and work experience often. If you have a significant change in your personal life (a new spouse, or child for instance), including that in your page will let your readers into your life.

Tip Number Six: Tell People How You Can Help Them

1270708Understanding your reader is the most overlooked aspect of brand and business communication. You need to demonstrate how you have provided solutions for other people. This can be done by linking a portfolio if possible, or at least a link to specific products and services you have worked on.

Adding client testimonials to your business blog is an effective way of giving people a sense of what you are like. Showing people that they can trust you is very important in your About Me section. Having a contact link is also a great way to encourage potential clients and readers to ask you valuable questions.

Tip Number Seven: Do Not Make It All About You

While people are reading about you, they want to know how you can help them. Your About Me page should build empathy with your customers. They want to understand the kind of problems you can solve, and how they fit into the solutions you offer them. If they are not convinced by your site, they may go straight to your competitors.

You want to instill the most confidence you can in a reader, in a short amount of time. For some, a list of credentials can help ease their minds. Whereas others would prefer a list of testimonials to boost their trust in you.

Your About Me Page Is The Most Powerful Page On Your Blog, Don’t Let It Slip Away!

Basically, you want your About Me page to be a summary of all the tips we have provided.

You want it to be simple, minimalistic and most important, attractive. You want to give your audience confidence in you, while building your credibility. Your About Me page should give something to each one of your readers. Ideally, your page will sell the clients on your services.

Following our outlined steps will help you with an About Me section that truly encompasses who you are, and what you can do.