By this point, you should have already launched your blog, optimized your site for search engines, and started participating and promoting you content via social media. If it’s been several weeks, by now you should start to see a spike in traffic to your website. Now the objective is to convert that traffic into interested prospects and eventually into actual clients.

sales funnel

Here’s a detailed guide to each step in the sales and marketing conversion funnel:

Step 1: Decide on your offer

  • The offer is the initial attraction that catches the attention of your website visitors and motivates them to provide their contact information in exchange for a valued download. For example, if you’re a golf instructor, you want to create offers that will appeal to golfers trying to improve their game, such as a PDF white paper on mastering the body mechanics of the perfect golf swing.
  • Typical content offers include research reports, white papers, free trials/consulation, ebooks, and webinars.

Step 2: Create calls-to-action

  • Once you decide on your offer, create a few compelling CTAs that direct that user to a landing page.
  • On the landing page, the user is prompted to complete a form anddescribe the image submit contact information in order to receive what’s being offered.
  • By submitting that information, the visitor is then converted into a lead with whom your sales team can follow up.

Step 3: Create landing pages

  • The landing page is the page where your website visitors arrive after they click on your CTA, and where they will fill out the form to receive your offer (make sure your CTA is linked to your landing page!)
  • The information you collect will also be used by you or your sales team to follow up with them.
  • Once users submit their information on the landing page, they should be redirected to a thank-you page where they can access the offer.

Step 4: Test, measure & iterate

  • Offers, calls-to-action and landing pages are the core elements of the conversion process.
  • In order to improve your conversion process, you need to experiment. Test different CTAs, landing pages, and offers. It is an ongoing process of testing and determining which ones will best help you achieve your goals. So, get started on your testing! (Or call us!)

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