Webinar engagement data provides your sales team with rich data about prospects to aid in identifying and connecting with the hottest leads. Why is this?

Webinar platforms that track how long an individual watches the webinar, their engagement with polls, what questions they asked, and their interactions with your attachments will help you improve your lead scoring. This helps your sales team identify better leads and helps them craft a more successful outreach based on the engagement data and identifying the key problems the participant is trying to solve.

If you’ve created a strategic content plan that addresses the needs of your buyer personas, you’ll be attracting better fits to your webinar. This means that when a prospect attends your event, they are more inclined to want to hear about you and your solutions.

We’ll dive deeper on how to make the most of your webinars and the integrations (getting the data to your sales team faster) in our upcoming seminar with Cloud Elements on Wednesday. In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the best practices around webinar attachments to help your sales team identify different strategies to reach out to a lead.

There are three key factors to webinar attachments:

1) Attachments mean better lead scoring. Whether adding points in your system per type of attachment or just adding points for downloading, you’re getting better data on your leads.

2) Remember to include a variety of both rich and static content in order to make sure you’re connecting with people in their preferred method of consuming content. These can include: your deck, product pages, guides, white papers, infographics or other webinars, videos, or social channels. Remember to add a variety of subject matters to help expose the audience to your various content. This in turn appeals to a broader viewer base.

3) It’s best to include about 5-8 attachments in order to help promote your other content, equip sales with a better idea of what problem the prospect is trying to solve, and  provide more ways for your viewers to connect with you.