Complete PPC Guide to Facebook Niche Targeting

There are only 6% of all Facebook Pages advertising on Facebook which means 94% of ALL Business Facebook Pages are NOT utilising Facebook niche targeting.

Spending money on PPC (pay per click) and more importantly; Facebook adverts is something that most small businesses do not consider when creating a marketing budget because they don’t know HOW to do it SUCCESSFULLY.

It has only been the last 12 months where I have fully utilised Facebook adverts, and have a fully-functional PPC strategy in place for every webinar, online course and workshop I run offering my audience a complete 360 degree approach for digital marketing.

To help you use Facebook for niche targeting, I thought I would breakdown, and share with you an infographic created by Red Website Design.

I am going to cover 5 main categories when it comes to Facebook Niche targeting, giving you the information you need to successfully run a PPC campaign that will give you both a ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on engagement).


For your Facebook Ads to be successful, you must look at ways to ONLY target your ideal customer and the first way you do this is through demographics. If you really want to take Facebook advertising seriously, take a look at all the available options below, so that you can prepare how you want to target your demographics BEFORE beginning your campaign.

Being able to choose a location, and surrounding locations is one of the best tools you have available when running a PPC campaign. Niche targeting is more than just location; you should also take a look at the languages you are targeting as well as education, and financial status.

The demographics section will also give you the ability to hone in on your audience through home ownership status, parental status, work status, relationship, age, ethnicity, generation, gender and life events.

You can see all of your demographic options below.



Did you know that you can run a PPC campaign to JUST those who have liked your page, or people who have attended an event of yours or even friends of those who have engaged with your page?

Using this to narrow down your search results will give you people who are most definitely interested in your business as they have engaged with you at some point.



This is a huge part of Facebook niche targeting because targeting based on interests will give you an audience that is looking for what you are selling. Most businesses who use the interests section to niche target, don’t fully utilise it because they don’t know how in-depth it is. See below for everything that is covered in the interests section.


Custom Audiences

This is a section I use on a regular basis, because of the options available. Being able to upload a spreadsheet containing all of my audience, and JUST target them for certain campaigns. You can also create a custom audience based on people who have visited your website.

Your conversion rate will be a lot higher for your Facebook Ads when using a custom audience, because they have engaged with your brand at some point online.



The final section of the niche targeting inside of Facebook is all about the behavior of your audience. Do they own a car? What do the purchase on a regular basis? What is their favourite mode of transport? What is their digital footprint? There are so many behaviors you can use to narrow down your search, and give you your perfect target customer.


Don’t forget about Facebook Pixel, which makes conversion tracking, optimisation and remarketing easier than ever. Use the new pixel feature to optimise, remarket and track how well your adverts are performing.

I hope that the above will help you create a Facebook PPC campaign that will deliver results, and I would love to hear your feedback on how you achieved success through Facebook niche targeting.

You can see the full infographic broken down in this article here.

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