crazyWhile surfing the web, it isn’t all that uncommon to stumble upon a site where an aspect of the design makes you cringe. For the most part these are design faux pas, antiquated online tactics or just blatant disregard to common sense. Here is our list of common design mistakes that drive your visitors crazy.

Your Website is not a Jukebox

Automatically having music invade a visitor’s experience is never a good idea and remains one of our biggest design pet peeves. Nothing is more distracting and invasive, and most will simply leave the site instead of searching for a pause or stop button.

Hey, Hey! No Splashing!

Internet users are bombarded with ads, requests for email addresses, requests to “like my page”… The list goes on and on. Splash Pages are another of these annoying fads that may have been useful at one time, but overstayed their welcome. While viewing a well-designed website, a visitor should be able to navigate through content and have a clear understanding of what it is your company does.

Where’s the Meat?

Yes, yes, we know how awesome your brand is but where is the substance? Nothing annoys a visitor more than searching through page and page of well worded “fluff” and not being able to find the information they are seeking.

Ads, Ads Everywhere

While advertising on page may certainly be a source of income site owners employ you have to ask yourself at what point am I loosing the connection to my audience. Are the ads even relevant to your field? What does it say about a brand that will sell space on their website to promote products that they may or may not believe in or even endorse.

Unseen or Obscene

First impressions make a difference. The last thing you want a prospective client to see is low-resolution images that do not do your business justice, giving visitors a poor experience leaves a poor impression of your capabilities and hampers conversion.

What are some of your website design pet peeves? We would love to know! Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments area below.