Click fraud is a malicious activity of repetitively clicking on an advertisement being hosted on a website, either to induce revenue for the host of the site or to drain the advertiser’s funds. Click fraud is widely experienced amongst the group of users who are doing PPC marketing. Many digital marketers now emphasize more on click fraud prevention than ever before. You might think who performs click fraud? Well, click fraud can be originated from different sources, the chief sources can be divided into four classes mentioned below:


One of the primal reasons behind click fraud is to drain the advertising company’s ad budget. With the competition proliferating tenfold in the market, businesses aim for the top spot in the market and as known, one of the easiest ways to snatch the top spot from your competitor is to pull them down somehow. The same happens here since a hefty number of businesses run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with a daily advertisement budget set in mind, all the competitor has to do is click on their ads constantly until their budget is depleted.


A furious customer can do a striking damage to the reputation of your brand. By just leaving a one-star or an unrelenting review on any social media platform, they can crumple down the reputation of your brand. A customer who is not satisfied with your product/service can click fraud on your ads just to take revenge.

Executive fraudsters

There are also professional fraudsters in the act of click fraud who make money out of running wide-ranging click fraud operations. These operations can induce up to several million clicks per day. These fraudsters work underground and thus, their actions can be pretty difficult to track. A click fraud software will be the best solution to protect your ads from invalid clicks. These software have an advanced system and analyses every click based on different parameters, thus protecting your ads against these fraudsters.


Sometimes, even the owners of the websites on which the ad is hosted perform click fraud to generate more revenue. If your ads are posted on low-grade websites, there are high chances of this happening.

How big of an issue is click fraud?

As estimated by different sources, digital fraud ranges from $6.5 billion to $19 billion and this number counts for click fraud as well. The number itself explains how much criticality this problem holds. It can be executed by human beings, a computer program, or even an automated script pretending to be a human.

Not only does your ad budget distort due to invalid clicks but also your campaigns don’t give fruitful results so one needs to prevent this at any cost. Go for a Google ads click fraud prevention software that will let your campaigns run smoothly without getting any invalid clicks. All invalid clicks will be removed from your reports and you won’t be charged for those clicks. Don’t wait, just get a good tool and prevent your ads from click fraud today.