FeedBlitz is an RSS to email service that monitors RSS feeds to improve the reach that feed publishers can achieve and provide them with options for monetising their blogs. Creative Agency Secrets has been working with the team at FeedBlitz since 2011.

FeedBurner migration guide by FeedBlitzFeedBurner migration guide by FeedBlitz

The service allows website owners to easily take content from their blog, customise it and deliver it to their audience via feed, in email or using a channel of the recipient’s choice such as Twitter DM, Linked In and other social channels. The main source of competition for FeedBlitz is a free service, owned by Google called FeedBurner. Going up against Google isn’t a small task, it’s David against Goliath.

However, the FeedBurner service has been neglected by Google and as a result we began to specifically target FeedBurner users in an attempt to get them to migrate to FeedBlitz. Here’s how the campaign went

FeedBurner Migration Campaign

The migration campaign was designed to encourage high profile bloggers to switch their feeds from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz. As well as achieving this migration, we also wanted them to tell their readership about the migration and the benefits they had experienced from switching providers.

Blogger Outreach

The idea here was to reach out directly to top bloggers who were using FeedBurner to serve their feeds and deliver RSS by email. By using lists of Top Bloggers such as the AdAge Power 150 list we were able to research high profile bloggers who were not yet Feedblitz customers. There were two goals for this element of the campaign.

1. To reach out to bloggers using FeedBurner to serve both their feed and email subscriptions so that they convert to FeedBlitz. We went about this by approaching them via email and Twitter with the facts about the FeedBurner outage. This was to bring it to their attention and to hopefully get them to at least consider what their position would be if the FeedBurner service was axed.

2. The second aspect was to ask for guest posts on their blog. We offered to write guest posts for them outlining the FeedBurner situation and what their readers should plan to do if their feed was affected. Or alternately if they had migrated to FeedBlitz, we asked them to share their experience migrating on their blog themselves. The idea behind this was to increase the reach of the message, in order to encourage even more bloggers to think about their situation and consider switching to FeedBlitz.

Forums and Twitter

By performing keyword searches on Twitter and monitoring tech forums and blogs we kept ourselves up to date with what was happening with FeedBurner situation. In addition to this we were able to engage with anyone who voiced their concerns with the FeedBurner outage. We were able to inform people what was happening and give them recommendations to help keep their subscriber lists safe. This effort to address concerns of users also helped to showcase the fact that FeedBlitz provides proactive support for their services, whereas FeedBurner doesn’t.

The Results

FeedBlitz Alexa Graph

When Feedburner experienced a 5 day metrics outage near the end of August 2012, the efforts of the Creative Agency Secrets team were clearly highlighted in the subsequent month as bloggers wrote about the situation.

The online buzz that we had been generating through this outreach campaign can be seen in the Alexa traffic statistics from when the metrics failed. There is a sharp increase in traffic to the FeedBlitz website over this period, which correlated with a significant increase in FeedBlitz new customer signups. While the traffic has reduced since that spike, it is still higher than it was before the campaign, and the amount of new signups to FeedBlitz’ service remains steady.