Capture User Engagement With CAPTCHAs

Solve Media, the TYPE-IN advertising company, has launched Solve Media Insights to offer marketers and advertisers the ability to survey consumer interactions with CAPTCHA ads and measure the effectiveness of consumer recall of key brand messages typed in.

Toyota tested the product for its January campaign to promote Toyota Care, its free maintenance plan with 24-hour roadside assistance. A survey with five possible answers to gauge recall was served, by Solve, to nearly 2,000 opt-in respondents.

Viewers of a Toyota TYPE-IN ad during the campaign correctly chose Toyota Care as Toyota’s complimentary maintenance program 55% of the time, compared to 40% of people who did not view the ad.

“Our Toyota Care program is an important component of the Toyota brand, and we believe that Solve Media’s TYPE-IN ad platform provided a strong online advertising vehicle to ensure consumers engaged with our ad and remembered our message,” said Kim Kyaw, senior media strategist for Toyota in a statement.

The value proposition for both parties is straightforward and alluring. Advertisers assume higher engagement because users must actually type in their message to access the requested page. As a result, Solve Media is able to charge on a per-engagement basis rather than CPM, perhaps with premiums as high as 25 cents to 50 cents per “type-in,” according to CEO Ari Jacoby.

Solve Media Insights methodology, according to the company, produces an average of ten times the survey respondents in a fraction of the time, compared to the industry average.

Personally, Solved Media has solved my problem. My bifocals never seem to capture the CAPTCHA content correctly. I get frustrated and sometimes give up. Do you?