ctaphrasestoincreaseconvoratesblogIt’s extremely important for your website to have plenty of ways for readers to convert. That includes adding calls to action, or CTAs.

However, not all CTAs are the same. It’s just as possible to optimize your calls to action as it is any other aspect of your company’s website.

High Converting CTA Phrases

When crafting your CTAs, whether they’re in the form of a button, a link, or anything else, the wording you use can absolutely make a difference.

Readers don’t want to know all the fine details about your lead magnet. They instead want to know what your offer can specifically do for them.

Will it save them time?

Will it make them money?

Will it get them a new job?

For example, if a car dealership was giving away an e-book aimed at helping a potential customer learn about when and why their car needs maintenance, instead of using a button that says –


Use a button with a CTA showing the benefit to the reader like –

Get it Free

By using the work “free” you show the appealing to the reader’s sense of wanting to save money and make smart financial decisions.

Reader’s also react more to when your CTA speaks directly to them instead of to the masses. That means speaking in the second person when possible.

For example, using the above example of an e-book about automotive maintenance, and by keeping the idea of mentioning the benefit, we can further improve –

Get it Free

We can add a personal element to it –

Get Your Free Guide

As you can see, this guide isn’t for everyone. It’s specifically for you. And, it’s free. What’s not to like?

There’s a very high percentage chance that this CTA will get many more clicks than the simple one we started with. But, we’re not finished yet.

We’ve added showing a benefit to the CTA. We’ve added a bit of personalization. Now, we can add a bit or urgency.

You can make this as subtle or direct as you prefer, but even the smallest hint of urgency can help.

Let’s take our previously optimized CTA –

Get Your Free Guide

Now we can add a little hint of urgency –

Get Your Free Guide Now

We only added one word to this, now, which isn’t extremely pressing. But, it does covertly suggest this guide might not be free forever, so you better get it now.

Feel free to add more aggressive wording too.

So, we have moved from a very common and basic CTA of –


To a CTA that shows a benefit, is personalized, and hints at the need to act now as the offer might not be around forever –

Get Your Free Guide Now

It’s easy to see the difference.

Some more words that you can use when optimizing your CTAs are:

  • New
  • Guarantee
  • Hurry
  • Last Chance
  • In Minutes
  • Today

These aren’t your only options, so feel free to play around with these phrases or any others you feel might portray the above ideas.


Not all CTAs are the same. By adding certain psychological wording that appeals to each reader in a certain way, such as showing what they gain from taking action or what they might loss by not taking action, you can improve the click through rates of your website’s calls to action.

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Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Find any call to action on your website and write down three optimized alternative options using the techniques listed above now.