Pokemons are in and out, there and everywhere… I can’t remember the same worldwide madness about a toy since probably the 1990s when every teenager had a Tamagotchi. Remember, hah? That was crazy how children took care about the inanimate creatures that needed to be feed and pay attentions to. Weighing up pros and cons of the Tamagotchi, I think that it was an effective way to teach kids be friendly, thoughtful, conscientious and committed.

Today people are crazy about seeking for Pokemons on the streets and at their homes, but what is the final goal? Catch, improve, fight… Lose weight (while chasing the Pokemons) – that’s perhaps the most convincing one. Unfortunately, the numerous accidents prove that besides its usefulness, the game is risky.

It’s already written and said a lot about how marketers can use the Pokemon Go for their own campaigns, drive attention to what they sell and build their brands: follow the trend in blog posts, tweet with the trendy hashtag, use locations with the PokeStops, etc.

In this post I’ll take a look at the fresh promo campaign based on 5 new pokemons available anywhere else but on the MotoCMS.com website.


These 5 branded Pokemotos are used for the entertaining discount quest. The sense is that you go to the MotoCMS templates store and look for the special signs – MotoPointers (similar to PokeBall), you activate them and get a Pokemoto with a discount. The maximum discount available is 50%. It’s a good saving on a high-quality website template with a regular cost $199.

The promo is rather clever, don’t you think so? It is trendy, because people are crazy about Pokemons. That is why the promo is performing well in social media and it will probably get nice results in Google.

Do you have any other unusual examples of how to use the trend to make a splendid marketing campaign for any business?