Why Organic Search Results Provide Higher Value to Users

advantage of SEO

There are basically two ways of online advertising, and it’s paid advertising and SEO (search engine optimization). Both of these advertising techniques work great if you know how to properly structure it. But there are a few distinctions between them. One huge benefit of SEO is that organic search results are considered as free cool information and not an advert that is trying to sell something. Basically, people naturally get to think, that those organic search results between the top and the bottom ads, are non-commercial, provided by independent bloggers and news sites. After a survey research that we did, asking the people what they normally prefer and go for, either ads at the top of the Google page or the organic search results, the majority of people said that they always click on organic searches, considering it a much more reliable source of information than paid ads.

This is the number one reason why we are convinced that getting the website or blog on the first page is so important. Besides, it requires extended knowledge of SEO to make it work for you, especially in the competitive market. I am not saying that the paid advertising doesn’t work, not at all. If you create a great ad copy for the specific product or service, it could be very well worth it and the traffic start coming to the website of an offer almost immediately, and it’s a great way to test the new product or service, how it performs on the market.

But when talking about the trust and growth of a business, implementing SEO is very important. As I mentioned earlier, to properly execute an SEO campaign requires very deep knowledge and skills, mainly in the highly competitive niches. It also takes some time and patience until you see the results, but once the website gets to the first page of Google, it’s just a matter of maintaining the position and the organic traffic just rolls in 24 hours, 7 days a week. Another huge benefit of the organic search listing is that you can rank the website or blog on the first page for the keywords and phrases where some businesses pay easily around between 100 – 300 dollars per click! So, hopefully, everyone can see the value of organic search results.

Let me ask the simple question. How much do you think that the particular business is willing to pay to the SEO expert to get their website on the first page of Google if they are easily willing to pay 200 dollars per a single click to their website or an offer?! I know, it’s crazy to imagine the monthly budget of these companies and businesses, it’s going to 4 – 5 figures per month spent on advertising. So, if I can cut down the cost to half for them by implementing the advanced SEO skills and strategies, do you think that they would go fo it? There is no doubt they will.

And it gets all even better.

I and a couple of other SEO professionals have developed the technique that can secure even more than one spot on the first page of Google, just like shown in the video and screenshot. By maintaining more than one position on the first page, the chances that someone (potential customer) will click and end up on your website are much higher.

The example of well-executed SEO campaign:

Educating the Businesses

By being in the SEO business for a good while, I can see that there so many businesses and even a big multi-million dollar companies that still have no much of a clue about what is SEO and how exactly it could help them in their business. So, as I mentioned before and the first thing that I always say to the business owner is, that it’s just another way of online advertising without actual advertising. The majority of internet users don’t consider it as ads, but cool, independent and free info.

We really should educate all business on this subject and present them the undeniable benefits of search engine optimization for their business. I have seen so many sceptic business owners when trying to explain what is SEO, that they literally thought that I am some kind of confidence trickster making this stuff up. But believe that this is going to be more important year by year, and businesses that will hop on the fast accelerating train now will gain the massive advantage against those that stayed behind because of their scepticism. So, I urge all the business owners to seriously consider this fact and their current situation and place in the market.