landing page to leads

A landing page is essential to any business that wants to succeed in online marketing and sales. Landing pages convert visitors into leads that business can later contact and send important information to. A great landing page attracts website visitors and explains the great value that will be given to them in exchange for their information. A bad landing page will distract or repel visitors, causing them to simply look around the site and leave without giving the business any important information about them that a business might need later. So if you want to acquire new and important leads you must follow these steps to page design and acquisition process:

Deliver on Value

Whatever offer that your website is offering must have its own landing page and delivery process. For example, if your website is offering a lead magnet that will be sent to their email, like a free ebook or checklist, then that specific lead magnet must have a landing page of its own. The landing page’s copy must tell the visitor that in exchange for their personal information, they will be sent this exact lead magnet through email. Then after the visitor confirms their information, they should receive the lead magnet in their inbox. This is a very important and straight to the point process. Any leads acquiring process longer than this will cause visitors to lose interest and opt-out of your email list.

Be Simple

Don’t get too fancy with your design process even if you have a long sales copy. Too many designs can drive attention away from the landing page’s copy. A copy is the text explaining the benefits of your offer. Also, make your form easy to understand and easy to finish. Simply, a name and email address is usually all you need to create a functional lead opt-in. Don’t ask for really sensitive information like social security numbers because it will cause visitors to become suspicious. If you need leads to fill out more information, ask them after they sign up in your follow up email.

Build Trust

Don’t get sloppy when creating your landing page. You need to provide a sense of professionalism so visitors can take your business seriously. Provide your business’s image, write a simple but detailed copy, and deliver the value that you promised to provide. If your lead acquisition process fails to deliver then your leads will no longer trust you and will most likely unsubscribe from you.

Also explain to visitors what your privacy policy is. You want potential leads to trust you with their information. Explain to them that you will send them messages directly from you and not another party about issues concerning your business. You will not share their information to other parties so they can send them unsolicited offers or spam.

Send Confirmation

Almost at the end of the lead acquiring process, send an automated confirmation link to them verifying their information and explain that once verified you will be sending them whatever value they wanted. This helps you because it confirms that you have their information and helps them understand what the next step to the process is.