Are you listening to all the political talk these days?

  • Some political candidates  tell you they will not touch your medicare.
  • Some people are digging up dirt on their opponents.
  • Others are not saying much, all in the hopes of receiving another vote.

Are some of you treating your marketing posts in the same manner like a political campaign. Are you telling people what they want to hear or are you giving them something that is different. Do you post content to receive more followers, likes, retweets or are you providing information that will help people.  Do you want to work with companies or do you want to work with numbers?

I am looking at this issue closer as I try to communicate better and more effectively on social media sites. It is very easy to get caught up in the numbers game and people point to it right away.  I want to know more. Sometimes this type of activity is not easy to measure, but ultimately it can be rewarding. Here is an example:

I have been following a company, Envoy Inc. for sometime and I wanted to learn more about what type of clients they serve and how they use social media. In my process to learn more about their company, I learned that they have worked with a long-standing dairy company and effectively managed their marketing campaigns at tradeshows and in stores.   In the last few months, I received an opportunity to market a service at the retail level and I am currently working through that process. I got in contact with this company, because I knew they had a presence in the retail market that I was looking at.  As a result of casually following their work over a period of time on Facebook, Blogs and Twitter I saw that they could possibly help my company with our initiative. For the past two months, we have been working together and I have learned more about why this company has been so successful in working with its clients and the great knowledge they have in certain industries.

My point here is that people are watching your company. It is refreshing to follow companies who make a difference with their clients and who talk about some of the activities they are involved with. I try to do this with my company blog site.  This helps people f learn more about how these companies interact with their clients and how they stay in touch with issues and stories affecting their clients.   Back to Envoy, their  their blog site, provides people with information about their company, their work, their employees and topics affecting companies with respect to their marketing.

As you post information online on social media sites or on your blog site, ask yourself, am I adding valuable information to people and looking to connect with others?  or am I simply posting information in the hopes of being retweeted and growing my count numbers.

What type of readers do you want?

Do you want to work with companies or do you want to work with numbers.

Provide deeper information and work on connecting with your clients and potential clients by talking more about issues that matter to people. Don’t worry about republishing the same content that everyone else is. Over time, you will see a difference.

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