The AdWords ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ update has kept the Search Engine Marketing world abuzz from the time it was rolled out. The high point of this update is that it improves the ability of the advertisers in targeting the potential customers across different devices, geographical locations and specific timings of the day. In layman’s word, Enhanced Campaign will make it a lot simpler for advertisers in creating Ad campaigns that target laptop, PC as well as smart-phone audience.

But that’s the high point; there are several low-points, which has attracted a lot of critical comments from advertisers around the globe. Google’s point of view is that the new update will simplify Ad management for multiple devices.

Google AdWords further explains the update on their blog, “With enhanced campaigns, instead of having to cobble together and compare several separate campaigns, reports and ad extensions to do this, the pizza restaurant can easily manage all of this in one single place. Enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on their context like location, time of day and device type, across all devices without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns.”

But that’s Google’s point of view!

Some advertisers are happy with the update, however, majority of them seem to be annoyed. Why? Well, interestingly, Google has taken away some levels of controls from the advertisers in the process of simplifying Ad management across multiple devices.

Yes, the world is switching from PCs and Laptops to Smartphones and Tabs. But there is still a great level of distinction between PCs and smartphones. Why advertisers are not happy with this update is because they still want to manage their smartphone, tab and PC campaigns separately. Till date, the advertisers have had the ability to bid differently for different devices, but this ability will be lost when the Enhanced Campaign update becomes a mandatory feature by the end of June 2013.

The advertisers will always prefer more control over simplicity!

Google has added a number of new features to this update such as bid boosting, easy sitelink management, simplified reporting tools and few other extensions. If an advertiser is looking for simplified platform to manage Ad campaign, he is in for a treat. But that’s not what the advertisers want at the end of the end. The loss of device targeting functionality has hit hard on the advertisers.

An update is an update! And advertisers cannot do much about it except adjust to this change. As of now, the advertisers will be able to choose between Enhanced Campaign and the present campaign features. Those who go for the Enhanced Campaigns will be able to export their current campaigns in the new formats. However, by the end of June 2013 Google Adwords will make the Enhanced Campaign features mandatory for all. In a way, Google is giving time to the advertisers to adjust to the new updates and get the hang of it, before they make it mandatory.

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So, what’s your take on the new Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?