The days of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising being the reserve of specialist marketers are finished. The barriers to entry and so low that anyone can simply create adverts and start generating targeted traffic within minutes.

All of this means that your adverts need to work harder than ever to stand out and attract that click. Within Google AdWords, you can select a number of enhancements to help your ad stand out. Here is a guide to each extension:

App Extension

Your app has probably cost a lot of money to develop and update – so you want as many people downloading it and using it as possible. You can display a link to your app within Google play or the Apple App Store on your AdWords advert. A nice way of directing traffic at a comparatively low cost.

Call Extension

Many industries prefer phone leads to online leads (e.g. via contact forms or live chat), so adding a ‘click to call’ button to your ads could be a winner. If your purchase is high in convenience (e.g. restaurant or a fast food outlet), this is a great way for people to get in touch.

Location Extension

If local SEO is important to you, you should consider the location extension. With more and more searches from mobile, having your address or a map pin on your ad is really powerful. However, this extension can look out of place if address is your business is not location based.

Reviews Extension

Assuming that your reviews are something that you want to shout about, you can include these on your advert as well. This is a great way of showing off your hard earned reputation.

Sitelinks Extension

If your business has some clear sections to it, e.g. a fashion retailer who would want to split out men’s, women’s and kids clothes, the sitelinks extension reduces the number of clicks that a visitor has to make.

Callout Extension

One of the challenges of PPC advertising is the number of characters you have to convey your message – it is very small. The callout extension allows you to show off some of your company’s features under your advert, e.g. open 7 days a week or free delivery.

All of these extensions can be manually added to your adverts when you are setting them up within Google AdWords. It is worth noting that not all extensions will appear all of the time. There are a lot of variables in PPC advertising which will influence when they are shown such as keyword competitiveness, bid, advert relevance, etc.

Hope that these make your PPC advertising even more successful in the future!