There are a lot of different things that go into making a pay-per-click campaign successful. But one thing is for sure, if people don’t click on your ads, none of the rest matters. So one way to improve the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns is to improve the ads themselves and get more people to click on them.

Here are a few ideas for how to achieve a higher click-through rate on your PPC ads:

  1. Clear call to action – clever copy or intriguing design might get your ads noticed, but if it’s a click you are after, ask for it. Use active language and a clear next step. For image ads, use a button. For text, close with an action. Phrases like “Click Here” or “Get Started” or “Learn More” are most effective.
  2. Show the value – don’t use your ads to display a big logo or brag about your brand. Make it about the user. How can you solve their problems? How can you make their lives better? Use the ad copy to tell them directly what value you are going to add to their lives.
  3. Cater to your audience – know who your audience is and where they are seeing your ad. You want to cater your ads to where they will show up in order to ensure that they stand out. No one is going to click on your ad if they never see it.
  4. Don’t jump the gun – remember the marketing funnel? It’s important to know where users are in the buying cycle and to design an ad that moves them down the funnel chronologically. Don’t ask for the sell if this is the first time they’re seeing your message. Give them a simple next step so that they can familiarize themselves with your offering.
  5. Continue to test – different headlines might draw more users. The same goes for different colors and images. In any PPC campaign, testing different ads to see which ones attract the greatest number of clicks is critical to long-term success.