Wouldn’t it be nice to know which buttons, with which features, on which location of your website are collecting the most clicks and lead conversions? The good news is that it is possible to ascertain this information simply without being a marketing psychic. By simply running a few A/B tests, you will be able to simply and quickly narrow down what is working best on your site, and what is not.

For those unfamiliar, an A/B test is a simple online marketing technique that does results driven comparisons of your webpages, buttons, content, etc. For example, two identical pages will be created, and minor details such as color or size will be altered.

Just like a scientific experiment, there is:

  • Control- The identical aspects of the things being compared.
  • Independent variables- the aspects that differ between the groups. For example one button is red, one button is blue.
  • Dependent variable- The click rate of the measured pages.

Running A/B tests will help you narrow down what aspects of your site get the most clicks, conversions, and performance. Here are a few places that you can, and should start running your A/B tests. These could result in much higher conversion rates, with relatively little effort on your part.

Test your call to action buttons

Your CTA designs are one of the most obvious things you can test for interaction. There are literally thousands of changes- size, shape, color, text, placement- that you can perform. All these might seem subtle but can actually have a major impact on your viewer’s behavior.

Test your content offers

Determining which content is getting the most interaction is very important. Performing an A/B test on this will allow you to determine what content you have is the most popular. Once you have this figured out, a good strategy is to place your most popular offers on your homepage. However you can’t stop there. Content interactions vary, meaning that content that is popular in a blog post might receive different interaction on your home page.

Try swapping out the offers you feature to see which ones perform best. And once you’ve determined which offers are the best to highlight, you can even test shifting the order of these resources to determine how you can get the highest click through rate for those assets that convert best.

Test your images

Do you have beautiful and compelling images on your webpages? With an A/B test you will be able to determine which images appeal to your target audiences best. It may be worth it to learn if certain images – with people, your products, illustrations versus photographs, sliders versus static images – draw visitors deeper into your site.

With A/B testing you’ll be able to determine where your strong points are in your sight and exploit them. Once you have determined which characteristics earn the most interaction, it is then possible to replicate these with future pages.