Is it possible to do all the “recommended” tactics to generate more online leads… but have lousy results? Yes! Unless you follow this simple formula.

Have you ever followed the advice of some online marketing experts, or even a digital marketing company, but had little to show for it?

You are doing all the right things (or so you have been told), and working your butt off, but the level of online lead generation remains pathetic.


Good Intent… Lousy Results

Sometimes doing the right things… but in the wrong order… leads to lousy results.

Sometimes doing the right things… but leaving out a key component… can lead to dismal results.

Case in point: I was contacted yesterday by a very nice lady named Nancy (not her real name), looking for help.

For almost a year she has been hustling her online beauty supply business.

Yet, she didn’t have much to show for it. She had exactly one sale online.

She had spoken to a large online marketing company about this issue. She was told they could “drive massive amounts of traffic to her site…”

Was that what she was missing?

Not necessarily.

Using A Complete System

The key to growing your online lead levels is to follow the process we use here at 2nd Mile Marketing.

We methodically follow this simple formula:

Traffic x Conversion x Refinement
= Maximized lead generation, sales, revenue

Let me say it again: The key to growing your online lead levels is to methodically follow a simple formula. ** TWEET THIS **

Perhaps the most important word in that sentence is “methodically.”

That means you must continuously examine (and improve!) each component… and how they work together.

Let’s look at them one at a time.

Online Traffic

Online traffic is the total volume of internet surfers online.

The best, most targeted traffic is currently found on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). There are tons of people (over 1 billion searches daily!) using search engines.

Here is a key insight for the online success of your business—

At the root of all search activity, ALL searchers are looking for
a solution to a problem they are facing.

The solution that will solve the problem of searchers you want just happens to be:

– Information you offer
– A service you provide
– A product you offer

Just remember… you are NOT selling a product or a service. You are selling a SOLUTION.

You thought you were in the flooring business? Or the oral surgery business?

Wrong. You are in the problem solving business.

Where Searchers Find Solutions

There are two primary ways for your solution to be found by the searcher—

1. Organic search engine results

2. Paid search engine results

Note 1: Neither organic or paid traffic is “better” than the other. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Note 2: Organic traffic is not free. It will cost you time, effort and often money if you hire professional assistance to obtain it (since do-it-yourself is beyond most people).

Note 3 (to self): Stop using so many notes in my blog articles 

Not all traffic is equal

Ok, so back to Nancy’s dilemma. She was told by large marketing company that they could get her massive amounts of traffic.

When someone tells you they can get you “massive” amounts of traffic to your website, you have my permission to roll your eyes.

Just getting people to your website isn’t necessarily what you need. You need the right people specifically searching for your solutions.

There are likely to be far fewer of the right people… but that’s ok.

Not Just Traffic… But Targeted Traffic

If the first step in the formula is traffic, then the first step in obtaining traffic is to define the traffic you want. The more specific, the better.

In Nancy’s case:

  • People looking online for beauty supplies

Ok, but are you looking to sell to retail customers… or businesses?

  • Businesses looking online for beauty supplies

Better, but are there particular types of businesses you are looking for?

  • Spa businesses looking for beauty supplies

Alright, we are getting closer to the bullseye.

Are there any other qualifiers you can think of? The more specific, the better. This is especially crucial in the next step of the formula (which I will show you in a minute).

  • Small, independent spa operators (not spa chains) located in a 5 state area of the Midwest who are looking online for beauty supplies.

That’s her bullseye.

Is More Really Better?

It is a mistake to set your traffic target too wide, thinking more is better. In fact, in some sense less will result in more (leads, sales, and revenue).

The big internet marketing company might have been able to get Nancy “massive” amounts of traffic by targeting “people looking for beauty supplies,” but the result would have been high bounce rates from people hitting the back button once they landed on your site.

Why is that bad?

Because the search engines track that and conclude that your site is not relevant to searchers. They then make your site less and less visible, and your overall traffic levels go down.

But, if you get the right traffic, who find exactly what they are looking for, the search engines note that and reward you with MORE traffic.

Ahhhh… now I understand Pat… The key is getting targeted traffic!

True… but that is just a part of the formula.

You can get all the right customers to your website, but still have nothing to show for it. This is where the next part of the formula comes in.

What You Need To Do Next

1. Read part 2, When getting more targeted traffic does not necessarily mean more leads
2. If you were ever promised “massive amounts of traffic” as the solution to your lead generation problem, leave a comment below to tell how that solution turned out for you.
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