It may stem from my longtime love affair with the Harry Potter series, but for quite some time now I’ve truly believed my life would be much better if I were British. The main reason is the accent – I would sound infinitely more awesome (or should I say, posh?) with a British accent. But another reason I want to be British is that if I were, I would have a much better chance of rubbing elbows with a royal and snagging an invite to a royal wedding. Because we all know there ain’t no party like a Buckingham Palace party.

Unfortunately, unless I pull a Madonna and relocate to London, I have little hope of ever becoming British, or of attending the upcoming nuptials between Price William and Catherine Middleton. Lucky for me and my fellow common folk, Reuters reported today that a very handy website for all things royal wedding-related launched recently, and it can be found at

Hold the phone – I know royals like their long titles and all, but What a mouthful. The registrant of the domain (listed as Clarence House, the royal home in London) was smart to also register the domain in .COM and .CO.UK, as well as the root “PrinceWilliamCatherineMiddleton” in .ORG, .COM and .CO.UK.

Unfortunately,,, and are all registered and point to parked or pay-per-click (PPC) sites. Surprisingly, even resolves to a PPC site.

Maybe if FairWinds helps reclaim some of these domain names, I’ll be able to score an invitation to the wedding…

Special thanks to Elizabeth Cummings for her help with this post!