Last week Seth Godin had a great blog post about the customers you don’t know you lost. Seth says

It’s extremely difficult to figure out why people walk out of your store, throw out your brochure, leave your site… but in fact, this is fertile territory for dramatically increasing sales. 

When it comes to a web page: Why do people bounce away when they land? Who are they? What were they looking for? Some of them are likely in the wrong place—those people aren’t going to dramatically increase sales because they aren’t going to buy (or convert) no matter. But what about the ones who do belong there? How many more leads could you be generating if you knew who they were and what they were looking for?

Try some traffic segmentation on the landing page to find out. Give users simple choices that let them put themselves into a bucket. With segmentation you can ask “who are you?” and “what are you looking for?”, and you can use this knowledge to dramatically increase conversions (sales, leads…whatever it is you want more of).  Here are some blog posts that will inspire you to try some segmentation on your pages.

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