If you are in marketing, you will definitely want to see the power of this new search tool.

It is very cool! At the moment it is a Google Chrome Extension that appears as a toolbar at the bottom of the page on certain sites.

Here is an example, Let’s say you are trying to find an Italian Restaurant in San Francisco.  You would perform a search for “Italian Restaurants” San Francisco in Google.  From here, let’s say you select a particular restaurant’s website.  Now a toolbar like this appears at the bottom of the screen, (Google Related Toolbar) All of a sudden, you as a consumer may check out a similar restaurant based on reviews, news or video related information.

This really puts the pressure back on companies to make sure their website is performing in a proficient manner:

  • Clients are attracted to the site
  • Clients are engaging with the site
  • Clients are advocates for the company

Clients will not have to go to a site like Yelp or any other client review site.  Clients can be informed about the company they are looking at and with a few clicks they can decide if they like what the company has to offer or they may be able to find a similar, related company.

Again, Marketers, our job just got harder with the Google Audit which is client-driven.  You can fight it or embrace it. In the end, I think it will help companies clearly distinguish themselves from their competitors.

I really think you should take a look at the power of “Google Related” and install the Chrome Extension.  This feature is not available on all websites, but I can see it quickly spreading.